About Our New Name

We’re thrilled to announce that beginning today, we are now Physicians for Reproductive Health!

We have changed our name from Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health to more accurately reflect how our doctors think about their work and the full range of care they provide. We think this change shows more clearly how we are uniquely positioned to advocate for comprehensive reproductive health care policies.

What will not change is our mission, our advocacy, or our medical education programs. Physicians for Reproductive Health will be every bit as focused as our founders were in 1992 on making sure all people have access to the entire spectrum of reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion. And of course we will continue to be the voice of physicians who put their patients needs front and center in their medical practice and their advocacy.

We hope you share our excitement about this new chapter in our organization’s journey as we work together to guarantee the full range of reproductive health care options for all. Welcome to Physicians for Reproductive Health.