Physicians in the News: We Fight Stigma, Question Bad Legislation

In an article on news website Truthout, Physicians for Reproductive Health board members Dr. Willie Parker and Dr. Curtis Boyd and William K. Rashbaum Abortion Provider Award recipients Dr. Linda Prine and Dr. LeRoy Carhart discuss the stigma and risks of providing abortions–as well as their passion for and commitment to their work. Read “Abortion Providers Risk Their Lives, Property to Protect Choice.”

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Consulting Medical Director Dr. Anne Davis comments on new anti-abortion legislation in Indiana that would mandate a multiple ultrasounds and require clinics that provide medication abortions to meet the same building standards as surgical facilities. Dr. Davis calls this legislation “yet another onerous, medically unnecessary barrier” and notes that restrictions like these aren’t about safety, but about “making [the process] harder and scarier” for women seeking abortions. Read “Double Ultrasound Bill In Indiana Passes Out Of Senate Committee.”

In a letter to the New York Times, Dr. Willie Parker hails Julie Burkhart and the organization Trust Women for reopening of Dr. George Tiller’s Wichita clinic: “[Burkhart] seems unfazed by the anti-abortion furor kicked up around her. Maybe, like me, she finds solace in Dr. Tiller’s memory and his conviction that women should be trusted with their health and lives.” Read Dr. Parker’s letter.