Over 25 Years of Courage

Since our beginnings in 1992, we’ve made major strides in the fight for reproductive health and rights. From the patient rooms to the courts, our partners and supporters work to ensure no one is denied the care they need, when they need it. 

2018 Achievements

Training advocates 397 Fellows Of our Leadership Training Academy past and present
Expanding access 45 States With trained physician advocates
Changing policy 69 Visits To congressional offices

Where We Are

Our Work on Contraception

We give evidence-based information about how contraceptives work and the importance of access to the media, courts, and policymakers.


After the election, our doctors spoke out about the importance of the Affordable Care Act and the contraceptive coverage rule. Read more


Responding to lawsuits challenging the federal contraceptive coverage benefit, like Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, we filed amicus briefs. Read more


We work with policymakers to support legislation that improves access to contraception. Read more

Current Initiatives

The Partnership for Abortion Provider Safety (PAPS) provides support to abortion providers (physicians, clinic administrators, clinicians, and frontline clinic staff) who are most vulnerable and isolated, experiencing threats or harassment of themselves or their family. This program equips them with the information and resources they need to feel safer and more secure at home, at work, and in their communities.

PAPS is comprised of an Advisory Committee of leaders from our nation’s foremost reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations. We are collectively working together to pool all available resources within the organizations in three priority areas of support for providers: 1) legal and civic resources; 2) provider wellness and health; and 3) community building and organizing.

In consultation with the Advisory Committee, Physicians for Reproductive Health will design an informational hub where abortion providers will be able to access a myriad of resources and navigate their safety needs within the three priority areas.

Physicians is the host and sponsor of PAPS, responsible for its successful implementation and continuous improvement, in full partnership with the Advisory Committee.

Stay tuned for more details. For questions or to get involved, contact Toni Bond.