“In my journey as a physician and advocate,

Physicians for Reproductive Health has been a steadfast guide, benefactor, and friend, enabling me to be the best reproductive rights advocate that I can be.”    

Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc


As an organization dedicated to ensuring that all people have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, we stand with Planned Parenthood. Since early July, several excellent, respected doctors—our colleagues and friends—have been the subject of a ruthless and dishonest public campaign devised to discredit their work as compassionate providers of reproductive health care.

Every day, doctors who provide abortion care face attacks from anti-choice zealots who will do anything to achieve their goal: Stop access to legal, safe abortion. And now, our elected officials are determined to defund Planned Parenthood organization and deprive millions of people of basic, necessary health care.

These actions are unacceptable and we stand with these doctors, no matter what. Take action today and tell your legislators that you stand with Planned Parenthood too. 

Dr. Pratima GuptaToday, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in support of dangerous bills that threaten the health and well-being of millions of people. It’s an “ongoing campaign that seeks to discredit reproductive health care providers and to make it harder for my colleagues and me to provide safe, legal care to our patients,” our Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow Dr. Pratima Gupta said in a statement. She added:

“Abortion opponents in Congress want to close the doors of Planned Parenthood and make abortion unavailable. My colleagues and I recognize the importance of access to abortion and the incredible loss that would result should Planned Parenthood be barred from participation in federal programs like Medicaid. In the face of these ongoing legislative attacks, Physicians will stand strong in support of Planned Parenthood and safe, legal abortion.”

Read Dr. Gupta’s entire statement here