“In my journey as a physician and advocate,

Physicians for Reproductive Health has been a steadfast guide, benefactor, and friend, enabling me to be the best reproductive rights advocate that I can be.”    

Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc


Every year, Congress denies abortion coverage for women who receive health insurance through the federal government. President Obama could do something about that, however. That’s why we’re asking you to tell the President to take a step toward protecting and expanding women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health care by excluding these bans in his budget.

Our board chair, Dr. Nancy Stanwood, said:

These restrictions have been a part of federal budgets since 1977. Withholding insurance coverage for abortion creates profound hardships for women and their families, particularly for those who already face significant barriers to receiving high-quality health care. This is a terrible injustice, and it needs to end this year. Thirty-eight years of inequity is enough!

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While 2014 draws to a close, we’re gearing up for 2015. As doctors, we believe that personal decisions about health care should be medical — not political. We’re fighting back, and how we do this is what makes us unique: We bring the physician’s distinctive voice to debates over reproductive health care by training physician-advocates to speak out in Washington, in state legislatures, in the media, and in hospitals and medical schools.

We could not have come this far without your support. Please consider making a year-end donation or becoming a member before 2015. Every tax-deductible dollar you contribute will increase our ability to bring together the medical community and concerned supporters on behalf of reproductive health policies that meet everyone’s needs.

Thank you, and best wishes for 2015.