“The PRH Act is a powerful initiative based on our patients' medical needs and current science.

It will improve the availability of reproductive health care for everyone.”

Board Chair Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH

Patients Reproductive Health Act

The Patients Reproductive Health Act is doctor-led legislation that will change the conversation about reproductive health care. The Act is founded on three basic principles: that the doctor-patient relationship must be grounded in truthful evidence-based medicine; that patients deserve care that is free of intimidation and violence for themselves, their families and their health care providers; and that government has no place in restricting the highly personal medical decisions between patients and their doctors. The Act will improve patients’ lives and health by assuring access to comprehensive quality reproductive health care for all.

The first stage in this multi-year, multi-phase plan is state-level action. To that end, our policy experts and Panel of Physicians are currently working on identifying partner states, which will be announced in fall 2014.