Doctors Relieved as Administration Drops Opposition to Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception

Medicine and science triumph over politics

Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced that it would drop its attempts to block sales of Plan B One-Step emergency contraception without age restriction, which allow for the medication to be sold on open store shelves, without identification requirements. Removing barriers to this time-sensitive medication will increase access not only for younger women but also for people of all ages without access to government-issued identification.

Dr. Nancy Stanwood, Physicians for Reproductive Health (Physicians) board chair, issued the following statement in response to the announcement:

“We are relieved that the Administration has finally listened to science and medicine and that women of all ages will have access to emergency contraception. For over a decade, Physicians has endorsed an end to the unfounded and harmful age restrictions on this safe and effective medication. Multitudes of studies have demonstrated that emergency contraception is safe for use by teens of all ages and that teens, like adults, can follow the instructions safely. Too many women in the U.S. have gone without this necessary medication because the pharmacy counter is closed, they don’t have government-issued ID, or they’re under 17 and lack a prescription.

Today is a milestone for reproductive health. We look forward to seeing this medication on store shelves as soon as possible.”