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Physicians for Reproductive Health provides opportunities for physicians to get involved in local, state, and federal public policy issues. Our physicians are the best messengers to provide medically accurate information on reproductive health issues to lawmakers and the public. With Physicians for Reproductive Health, your voice can be heard!

Physicians for Reproductive Health supports policies that promote reproductive healthcare for all, including increased access to birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion services, as well as comprehensive sex education. We oppose policies that place politics over science at the expense of the reproductive healthcare of women, men, and teens.

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Our Advocacy:

A Statement of Solidarity With Abortion Providers Under Attack

Since early July, several excellent, respected doctors—our colleagues in reproductive health care—have been the subject of a ruthless and dishonest public campaign devised to discredit their work as compassionate providers of reproductive health care.

They were deceptively approached by a radical undercover anti-choice group whom they believed was working to help women donate fetal tissue to support lifesaving research. As physicians, their intentions were altruistic and caring. The same cannot be said for their attackers. Since these videos have been released, Planned Parenthood and other abortion care providers across the country have faced relentless attacks, both political and criminal. Some clinics have been targets of harassment and individual doctors and their families have received violent threats. Our society must not tolerate this domestic terrorism.

The sting videos, hacks, threats, and harassment of women and abortion providers must stop. When politicians and pundits champion the dishonest and fraudulent work of the so-called Center for Medical Progress, they tacitly endorse threats against physicians, nurses, and clinic staff. It is no coincidence that we’ve seen simultaneous, coordinated harassment in the weeks since the release of these videos. This extremism stigmatizes our friends and colleagues, further politicizes women’s health, and promotes dangerous behavior.

We stand in solidarity with all the providers and clinicians who have been unfairly and inappropriately depicted in a smear campaign intent on destroying their integrity. These are our friends, and they have dedicated their professional and personal lives to ensuring access to safe, legal, and compassionate care for anyone who needs it.

Every day, doctors who provide abortion care face attacks from anti-choice zealots who will do anything to achieve their goal: Stop access to legal, safe abortion. These actions are unacceptable and we stand with these doctors, no matter what. 

Remembering Dr. Howard Jones


Dr. Jones’ most recent book, published in 2014

We are saddened to hear of the passing of founding Physicians member and friend, Dr. Howard Jones, at 104. A pioneer in medicine, Dr. Jones’ medical career and contributions to reproductive health care could not have been more varied, influential, or robust. Even late in life, he was a profound reproductive right advocate. Even past the age of 100, Dr. Jones was still publishing books and scholarly works. At 100, he submitted testimony on Physicians’ behalf in opposition to TRAP laws in Virginia. Dr. Jones wrote:

I remember the days before abortion was legal. I saw many patients who had self-induced abortions because at that time there was no legal way to end a pregnancy. I saw women who had become infected and had to be admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where I worked. These patients were often extremely ill and some of them died….This will happen again if legal abortion is not readily available to those who seek it.

Dr. Jones’ contributions to reproductive medicine are incomparable, and we feel privileged to have known him. 

Did Your Senators Stand with Planned Parenthood?

We Stand With Abortion Care ProvidersAs you know, on Monday the Senate blocked an effort to bar Planned Parenthood’s participation in federal health programs like Medicaid. Had the vote been successful, it would have paved the way to eliminating affordable health care for the 2.7 million people who rely on Planned Parenthood annually.

The final vote count was 53-46, seven short of the 60 votes that the bill’s supporters needed. How did your Senators vote? We’ve created a page that will allow you to find out if your senators did indeed stand with Planned Parenthood and send them personalized messages. Please take a moment to let your elected officials know what you think! 

We Are All* In!

We're InPatients deserve access to safe, legal, and compassionate care regardless of how much money they make or how they are insured. Physicians for Reproductive Health is all in because our patients deserve dignity, respect, and access to all reproductive health care options.”

Physicians is a proud supporter of the EACH Woman Act, which is a groundbreaking bill that ensures a woman’s decision about abortion will not be based on how much she earns or how she is insured.

As our board chair-elect Dr. Willie Parker said:

“When a woman faces an unintended pregnancy, she needs to have access to all her options. The amount of money that she makes or how she is insured shouldn’t limit her decision-making ability. A woman’s health insurance should meet all her needs, regardless of how she gets her insurance, where she lives, or how little money she has. She needs to make the decision that is right for her and her family without government interference….It’s time to put an end to this discriminatory practice. It is not just a matter of fairness, it is a matter of justice.”

And as our former Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow Dr. Lin Wang wrote:

It’s time to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which creates this unfair patchwork of coverage in our states…. The EACH Woman Act would ensure that we don’t parcel out rights to women in some states while ignoring others.

Read more about the act itself and how you can show your support here