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Physicians for Reproductive Health provides opportunities for physicians to get involved in local, state, and federal public policy issues. Our physicians are the best messengers to provide medically accurate information on reproductive health issues to lawmakers and the public. With Physicians for Reproductive Health, your voice can be heard!

Physicians for Reproductive Health supports policies that promote reproductive healthcare for all, including increased access to birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion services, as well as comprehensive sex education. We oppose policies that place politics over science at the expense of the reproductive healthcare of women, men, and teens.

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Our Advocacy:

Dr. Willie Parker in the New York Times: “If I Don’t, Who Will?”

Dr. Willie ParkerWe are extremely proud to share a powerful example of the dedicated and courageous physician-advocates we have the honor to work with and support.

In today’s New York Times, our board chair-elect Dr. Willie Parker wrote a moving op-ed about why he felt compelled to return home to the American South to provide abortion care. In this piece, he talks about the stark realities his patients face, and how their need for safe, compassionate reproductive health care is both urgent and under attack:

I stopped doing obstetrics in 2009 to provide abortion full time for women who needed help. Invariably I field questions regarding my decision, with the most often asked being: Why? The short answer is: Because I can. And: Because if I don’t, who will?

The piece highlights how hard it is for women in this country, especially those of color and living in poverty, to obtain abortion care. Restrictive state-laws are being implemented at a rapid rate, creating unnecessary and harmful obstacles to care. Heroic and dedicated doctors like Dr. Parker are doing all they can, under circumstances not seen anywhere else in medicine, to respond to their patients’ needs.

If Dr. Parker’s op-ed today inspired you, we hope you will take the time to add your voice in support of access to safe and legal abortion care by participating in our “Why I Provide/Why I Support” video project. Read more about how you can submit a video here

Add Your Voice as a Provider or Supporter: Submit a Video

If you are a medical professional, we want you and those you know to raise your voice in support of access to safe and legal abortion care by participating in our “Why I Provide/Why I Support” video project.

We’re collecting short videos (a minute long or less) that illustrate why you are proud to be an abortion provider (or, for those who don't provide, why you support those who do). This is a chance to lift up the voices of and stand in solidarity with those who ensure that patients can access the care they need.

We are hopeful that these combined efforts, and many others across the next few months, will give us a number of high quality, articulate, and inspiring statements we can air on our website and on YouTube to encourage more of our community to speak out proudly and assertively in support of abortion providers.

Need inspiration? Take a look at our video, "Why I Provide."

We hope you will join us! Questions? Email us at

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Supreme Court Will Hear Challenges to ACA Contraception Coverage

Dr. Nancy StanwoodThe Affordable Care Act has proven critical in improving women’s health, and in particular the provision that requires insurance companies cover birth control without a copay. Responding to the news that the Supreme Court of the United States would grant the challenges to the Affordable Care Act, in which plaintiffs are seeking an exemption from covering contraception for employees as mandated, our board chair Dr. Nancy Stanwood responded:

“The Affordable Care Act did the right thing for public health and women’s health by ensuring that everyone who needs birth control can get the method that is right for them, without co-pays. If the plaintiffs succeed in their case, countless people will lose this benefit and face costly barriers to accessing affordable contraception….One person’s beliefs should not dictate the health care that another receives.”

Read her entire statement here

It’s Pink Out Day

pink_out_day_splash_with_textSince early July, several excellent, respected doctors at Planned Parenthood—our colleagues in reproductive health care—have been the subject of a ruthless and dishonest public campaign devised to discredit their work as compassionate providers of reproductive health care. We’re seeing an unprecedented attack on reproductive health care–nearly 40 just this year so far. Extreme politicians in Congress are trying everything that can to ban abortion and attack access to comprehensive reproductive health care, and it’s time for that to stop.

Pink Out Day is our time to say to opponents of reproductive health: We are sick and tired of the relentless attacks on reproductive health care. Listen to the one in five American women who has received care at a Planned Parenthood health center. Get politicians out of our doctor’s offices.

As you can see, we’re participating in Pink Out Day from our offices in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC:



If you haven’t already, please take a moment to add your name to our Statement of Solidarity With Abortion Providers Under Attack.
We will be sending it to members of Congress to demonstrate the overwhelming support for Planned Parenthood and the excellent care they provide.