“As physicians, we need to share our stories.

By doing so, we will lessen the stigma of abortion. For our patients, and our fellow doctors.”

Linda Prine, MD

Provider Voices

As physicians, we believe that speaking about abortion helps remove the stigma that has been attached to it by anti-choice politicians and organizations. Physicians for Reproductive Health compiles personal accounts from our doctors across the country that explain why they are committed to preserving reproductive rights, improving access to comprehensive reproductive health care, and providing respectful, safe, and compassionate care to women seeking abortion. We honor our physicians and their work, and we want to share their stories with you.

Our physicians' voices:

Dr. Stanwood to Politicians: Get Out of Our Exam Rooms

Our board chair, Dr. Nancy L. Stanwood, spoke on a panel at a Yale Law School event titled "Public Health in the Shadow of the First Amendment." Dr. Stanwood addressed the profound harm caused by legislation that interferes with the doctor-patient relationship, particularly as it pertains to reproductive health care:

"The practice of medicine by legislators who have no medical background and have an ideological agenda is incredibly damaging to the profession of medicine, and I'm hoping that more physicians will see this, and that it's not just those of us who … provide abortion services for patients but that other doctors will also see this."

Watch the 11-minute video of her talk here or on YouTube.

Physicians’ Stories: Insurance Coverage for Contraception Changes Women’s Lives

My patient Michelle, age 25 and newly married, has a severe congenital heart disease. Pregnancy would be life-threatening; Michelle has a 50% chance of dying if she carries a baby to term. She isn't willing to take that risk.

Condoms are effective only 85% of the time, and the pill isn't safe with her heart condition. Together we agreed that the IUD would be best, an extremely safe and effective method that costs $800. Michelle was able to afford it only because her job's insurance paid for it in full.

Five Years Later: Remembering Dr. Tiller

Dr. George TIllerFive years ago, we lost a dear friend, a brilliant and compassionate physician, and a true hero. Dr. George Tiller was murdered at his church by an anti-choice extremist. While we will never fully be able to forget the tragic loss of this day, we also will take the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Tiller's life and work and share the ways in which he inspired and touched us all. Every year, we celebrate abortion providers at our Rashbaum-Tiller Abortion Provider Awards, named for Drs. William Rashbaum and George Tiller. This year, on May 19, we honored two incredible physicians: Dr. Carol Ball received our Rashbaum Award and Dr. Cheryl Chastine the Tiller Award. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anna Quindlen gave the keynote speech, alongside President/CEO Jodi Magee, Board Chair Dr. Nancy Stanwood, founding member and 2010 Rashbaum Award recipient Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Trust Women founder Julie Burkhart, and Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota CEO Sarah Stoesz. The evening's speeches featured moving remembrances of Dr. Tiller and Dr. Rashbaum and rousing tributes to abortion providers everywhere. Read a Storify of the evening's Twitter feed here. RT14GroupRT14Group1In advance of the fifth anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder, Dr. Stanwood spoke to Tara Culp-Ressler of ThinkProgress and MSNBC's Irin Carmon on the topic of clinic violence, abortion provider intimidation, and the future face of abortion providers. Dr. Stanwood says that despite the threats and anti-choice legislation, she is optimistic:
“If there’s a bright spot, it’s that the younger generation gets it. I see a new generation of people that is ready, willing, and becoming able to provide this service.”
Dr. Tiller once said: “Abortion is about women’s hopes, dreams, potential, the rest of their lives. Abortion is a matter of survival for women.” Today, as we do every day, we remember him and his impact on patients’ lives. Read more remembrances: Tribute: Former Physicians board chair Suzanne Poppema, MD, on Dr. Tiller's commitment to his patients and how we can honor his memory Video: From 2012, Physicians board member Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc, discusses Dr. Tiller's generosity and kindness on Democracy Now! Video: Dr. Tiller talks about how he became a provider Video: Dr. Tiller explains why he continued his work, despite repeated harassment and violence Video: Voices of Choice, our documentary about pre-Roe abortion providers, featuring Dr. Tiller Oral history: "I have more to be grateful for than I have to be resentful about." Profile: A 1998 portrait of Dr. Tiller

Celebrate Abortion Providers Today!

NDAAPNSToday is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, observed every year on the anniversary of the day in 1993 when Dr. David Gunn was murdered by an anti-choice extremist. Every year, we honor the courageous medical practitioners who provide this much-needed service and fight the stigma surrounding this safe, legal medical care.

How can you celebrate? Read our Leadership Training Academy Fellows’ stories about why they provide. Download and share our doctors’ messages on social media and say #Thx2AbProviders. Make a donation to Physicians today in honor of your local abortion provider.