ARSHEP Downloads

ARSHEPOur Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Education Program (ARSHEP) prepares a select group of physicians to give free educational sessions to other providers about the best practices for adolescent reproductive and sexual health care. Read more or download these ARSHEP modules as PowerPoint presentations.

Adolescent Friendly Health Services (UPDATED: March 2012)
Adolescent-Friendly Health ServicesThis module teaches health care providers the key elements of providing adolescent-friendly health services, including taking a comprehensive history and removing barriers adolescents face in accessing health services.

Adolescent Reproductive Health Data (UPDATED: March 2012)
Adolescent Reproductive Health DataThis module presents the most up-to-date data regarding adolescent reproductive health, including results from the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey and National Survey of Family Growth.

Adoption and Adolescents (NEW: March 2012)
Adoption and AdolescentsThis module clarifies misperceptions about adoption today and identifies the roles played by clinicians and all potential parties in making an adoption plan with an adolescent patient.

Beyond Abstinence and Risk: A New Paradigm for Adolescent Sexuality (NEW: March 2012)
Beyond AbstinenceThis module examines the relationship between cultural approaches to adolescent sexuality and heath outcomes. It utilizes a new paradigm for adolescent sexuality based on promoting autonomy, building relationships, strengthening connections, and recognizing diversity as well as health disparities to improve clinical care for adolescent patients.

Caring for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents (NEW: March 2012)
Caring for Pregnant and Parenting AdolescentsThis module serves as a tool to assist clinicians in providing patients with accurate and nonjudgmental information about parenting and discusses models for caring for pregnant and parenting adolescents.

Caring for Transgender Adolescents (UPDATED: September 2014)
TransslideThis module explores gender identity and the experience of transgender adolescents and serves as a tool for clinicians to provide primary care for transgender patients and understand their sexual and reproductive health needs.

Chlamydia and Adolescent Patients (NEW: March 2012)
Chlamydia and Adolescent PatientsThis module was created in collaboration with the Provider Education Committee of the National Chlamydia Coalition (NCC) and describes diagnosis and treatment strategies for Chlamydia as well as preparing clinicians to integrate prevention strategies into adolescent patient visits.

Cultural Competency and Adolescent Health (UPDATED: March 2012)
Cultural CompetencyThis module uses the concept of cultural humility to discuss the ways that clinicians can provide more competent care to their young patients.

Emergency Contraception (EC) and Adolescents (UPDATED: March 2012)
Emergency ContraceptionThis module discusses the safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action of emergency contraception, as well as the barriers that young people face when trying to access it.

The Essentials of Contraception and Adolescents (UPDATED: May 2012)
Contraception EssentialsThis module discusses the contraceptive options available to adolescents, including oral contraceptive pills, the ring, the patch, injectable and implantable methods, and intrauterine systems.

From Health Care Provider to Teen: What You Need to Know About Sex and Sexuality (UPDATED: March 2012)
From Health Care Provider to TeenThis module serves as a tool for health care providers wishing to deliver sex education lectures to teens.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth (UPDATED: September 2014)
LGBTQThis module discusses the way that homophobia affects health outcomes for lesbian, gay, transgender, and questioning youth and how providers can develop comprehensive services to fulfill the needs of these special populations.

Male Adolescent Reproductive Health (UPDATED: October 2013)
Male Adolescent Reproductive HealthThis module debunks common myths about adolescent males and discusses ways that clinicians can provide male-friendly services. New STD screening guidelines, research, and best practices are included in this updated version.

The Physician as Advocate for Adolescent Reproductive Health (UPDATED: March 2012)
Physician as Advocate for Adolescent Reproductive HealthThis module discusses the various ways that physicians can advocate for improved adolescent reproductive health.

Pregnancy and Options Counseling and Adolescents (UPDATED: March 2012)
Pregnancy and Options CounselingBeginning with the diagnosis of pregnancy and ending with an in-depth discussion of the choices available to pregnant teens and their partners, this module uses the DECISION model to provide an overview of pregnancy options counseling in the clinical setting.

Providing Confidential Reproductive Health Services to Minors (UPDATED: March 2012)
Confidential Reproductive Health ServicesThis module examines the issues surrounding a minor’s ability to access confidential reproductive health services.

STI Epidemiology, Testing, and Treatment Strategies (UPDATED: May 2012)
STIThis module uses the 2010 CDC guidelines to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of adolescents with diseases characterized by vaginal discharge, cervicitis and urethritis, HPV, and HIV infection.