Crisis Pregnancy Centers

As physicians, we believe that every woman deserves to receive high-quality care and medically accurate counseling, whether she is planning to have an abortion or continue her pregnancy. We also believe that women deserve to know what to expect from a crisis pregnancy center (CPC)—in particular, what services they do and do not provide.

Some cities require CPCs to post signs that state whether they offer referrals for contraception, prenatal care, or abortion, or if they don’t have medical professionals on staff. Requiring CPCs to be more honest about their services enables pregnant women to receive the care they are seeking without the potential delays and biased misinformation that CPCs are reputed for.

Misleading practices by CPCs cause pregnant women to miss out on necessary medical care. Find out more about how we are helping to protect the health of pregnant women.

What our physicians are doing

Psychiatrist Debunks Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Claims

In today’s New York TimesLeadership Training Academy Fellow Angela Janis, MD, responds to an article about crisis pregnancy centers: “As a psychiatrist, I am upset by the [centers’] inaccurate claims relating to mental health, including purported increased risk of depression, suicide, or other negative outcomes following abortion. … Reputable studies have shown that there is no independent link between abortion and negative psychological outcomes.”

Dr. Janis notes that this “one example of the many inaccurate, scientifically baseless statements these centers use to misinform women.” 

Medical Accuracy Wins in California

October 5, 2012

Last November in San Francisco, an ordinance curbing advertising by crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) became law. One CPC challenged this law, but this week a judge threw out the case and upheld the ordinance that prohibits CPCs from suggesting—in signs or ads—that they provide abortion care and referrals.

San Francisco’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Law in Effect

November 4, 2011

Today the San Francisco ordinance curbing advertising by crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) becomes law. PRCH thanks all of you who called your city supervisors to support the ordinance, which prohibits CPCs from suggesting—in signs or ads—that they provide abortion care and referrals when they do not. Your calls helped improve women’s access to the medical services they need.

San Francisco to Reign in Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

October 19, 2011

Thanks to all of you in San Francisco who called your city supervisors last week! The supervisors voted 10 to 1 in favor of the crisis-pregnancy-center ordinance, which would prohibit ads implying that the centers provide counseling or referrals for abortion. The supervisors will vote again on the measure before it becomes law, a step considered to be a formality due to the strong results of the first vote.