The Society of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
100 physicians join as founding members
Jodi Magee becomes first executive director
The Society of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health becomes Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health (PRCH)
PRCH launches prch.org
PRCH and partners launch the Medical Abortion Education Project
PRCH publishes What You Need to Know About Mifepristone for policy makers and journalists
PRCH and partners continue to produce new physician resources, such as Mergers and You: The Physician’s Guide to Religious Hospital Mergers and An Overview of Abortion in the United States
PRCH launches the Leadership Training Initiative, an advocacy and communications training program for physicians
PRCH launches voicesofchoice.org to provide information on the Voices of Choice project and the future of reproductive health care
PRCH mobilizes physicians and voters to strike down Proposition 73, a parental notification initiative in California
PRCH holds its first joint advocacy day with Medical Students for Choice in Washington, DC.
PRCH hires first consulting medical director: Anne Davis, MD, MPH
PRCH launches its first online-learning project in medical education: a course in adolescent medicine
PRCH expands the Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health E-Learning Course for pediatrics residents to 24 hospitals across the country
PRCH named an outstanding nonprofit in reproductive health and rights by charity-evaluation website Philanthropedia
PRCH puts pressure on the Obama administration over decision to withhold full reproductive health care coverage from women with pre-existing conditions
PRCH and colleague organizations successfully pressure the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt recommendations requiring health insurance providers to cover contraception in full
PRCH helps defeat Ohio’s flawed and medically inaccurate “heartbeat” bill
PRCH pilots the e-learning course LEARN (Lessons to Enhance Awareness of Reproductive Needs) for residents in obstetrics and gynecology
Newly expanded to 35 Fellows, Leadership Training Academy Class of 2013 convenes in Washington, DC
PRCH officially becomes Physicians for Reproductive Health

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