Add Your Voice as a Provider or Supporter: Submit a Video

If you are a medical professional, we want you and those you know to raise your voice in support of access to safe and legal abortion care by participating in our “Why I Provide/Why I Support” video project.

We’re collecting short videos (a minute long or less) that illustrate why you are proud to be an abortion provider (or, for those who don’t provide, why you support those who do). This is a chance to lift up the voices of and stand in solidarity with those who ensure that patients can access the care they need.

We are hopeful that these combined efforts, and many others across the next few months, will give us a number of high quality, articulate, and inspiring statements we can air on our website and on YouTube to encourage more of our community to speak out proudly and assertively in support of abortion providers.

Need inspiration? Take a look at our video, “Why I Provide.”

We hope you will join us! Questions? Email us at

What follows are tips for making a great home video with your phone or computer.

  1. If you’re using a smart phone, don’t shoot vertical video. Hold/position the phone horizontally.
  2. Film someplace quiet, without any ambient or background noise. (No people talking, no machine/equipment/car noise.)
  3. Make sure that if you’re not shooting from below your face—keep the camera lens at eye level.
  4. Don’t use your smart phone camera’s zoom. This will make the video pixelated.
  5. Make sure that your head and shoulders fill the screen, but also allow for space around them. Do a test shot if you need to.
  6. Natural light is better than ambient, particularly fluorescent light. If you can film outside (someplace quiet) or by a window, that’s better than filming in a room with only ceiling lights. If you’re doing a selfie video, face the lightsource. If someone is filming you, make sure their back is to the light.
  7. For iPhone users: Use the iPhone’s exposure lock. Otherwise, the iPhone will keep adjusting and refocusing, which will make the footage unusable.
  8. Submit your video to communications@prh.orgWhen you submit the video, please also send this this completed release form.
  9. You can also share your video on social media. On Facebook and Twitter, use the hashtags #WhyIProvide (for providers) or #WhyISupport (for supporters).