Title X Clinics

Federally subsidized family planning clinics, such as Title X clinics and Planned Parenthood, serve millions of people across the country who could not otherwise afford basic medical care, such as well-women visits, prenatal care, cancer and STD screenings, or contraception. We oppose attempts to reduce funding for these services, both on state and federal levels.

Find out more about what our physicians are doing to keep contraception and other family planning services affordable for everyone.

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Doctors Group Outraged at Continued Efforts to Undermine Safe, Legal Health Care

“We should be lauding physicians and clinicians who are on the front lines providing reproductive health care, not punishing the most vulnerable patients they care for.”

New York, NY—The United States Senate is again considering legislation that would prevent Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest reproductive health care provider, from serving Medicaid patients.

Physicians for Reproductive Health Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow Dr. Pratima Gupta said:

“This past weekend, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs was the target of a vicious attack. We should be lauding physicians and clinicians who are on the front lines providing reproductive health care, not punishing the most vulnerable patients for whom they care. It is high time for this ongoing attempt to discredit reproductive health care providers and to make it harder for my colleagues and me to provide safe, legal care to our patients to end. I am dismayed at the Senate for moving this forward at all, and to do it so soon after three people were killed using the rhetoric that we have seen throughout the fall on Capitol Hill is shocking and downright disrespectful.

“Millions of people each year receive critical lifesaving care from Planned Parenthood, including birth control, cancer screening, and abortion care. Planned Parenthood provides services that patients may not be able to access or afford elsewhere. If supporters of this legislation truly cared about the health of women and families, they would support programs like Title X that increase access to affordable preventive care through trusted health care providers like Planned Parenthood.

“Abortion opponents want to vilify and discredit my friends and colleagues who provide this care by stripping their reimbursement. This was wrong when it started this summer and is even more horrific today. Providers work in an atmosphere of intimidation and harassment and they continue their work because their conscience compels them to do so. It is time for Congress to stand up for these health care providers instead of maligning them. We strongly oppose any attempts to undermine the provision of quality, essential family planning services to all. Doctors and patients need compassion and support, now more than ever.”


Physician’s Testimony for Today’s Hearing: These Patients Depend on Affordable Birth Control to Stay Healthy

“Workers should be able to rely on their insurance to cover the costs of staying healthy—instead of waiting for approval from their employers’ religions.”

Standing Up for Birth Control

Douglas Laube, MD, MEd PRCH Board Chair Douglas Laube, MD, MEd, writes in the Cap Times about the critical need to defend contraception against legislative attacks on Title X family planning programs and Planned Parenthood. He explains that every day, physicians see the benefits of birth control in their patients’ lives. "We have to make the same case for birth control until the federal government recognizes contraception for what it is,” he says, "vital, preventive health care that every insurer must cover in full under health care reform, whether the patient needs the pill or an IUD."

No Shutdown Over Title X and Planned Parenthood Funding

April 10, 2011

Those in the House of Representatives against funding Title X and Planned Parenthood dropped their opposition on April 8, allowing the 2011 federal budget process to continue and stopping the government from shutting down.