The Abortion Provider’s Declaration of Rights

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that the people of this country entrust their health and well-being to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals; that among these professionals are those who provide abortion, a safe, legal medical procedure; that medical professionals who perform abortions deserve the same freedoms as those professionals who do not, just as patients who have abortions should be given the same respect as those who do not.

Despite the equal intrinsic value of all medical professionals and all patients, the governments of many states and of this entire nation have passed laws and enacted policies that interfere with abortion providers’ ability to care for their patients, laws and policies that have no parallel in any other area of medicine. Moreover, some medical institutions have resisted the incorporation of abortion into their training and services. And some citizens of this country have turned their personal opposition to abortion into a vendetta against the medical professionals who offer this service and the patients who receive it, occasionally choosing arson, murder, and other illegal acts to show disapproval. All of these pressures, and others not enumerated here, inflict unjust punishment on abortion providers. And when providers can’t help patients, women and families suffer.

We therefore declare the rights of the abortion provider.

Abortion providers, their families, and their co-workers have the right to exist free of violence, harassment, and discrimination. Performing a legal, safe medical procedure should not turn a medical professional into a target.

Abortion providers have the right to give patients complete, medically accurate information about the abortion procedure. They should not be required by law to misinform their patients—for example, by stating (falsely) that abortions cause breast cancer or endanger future fertility—or present a particular moral interpretation of the abortion procedure.

Abortion providers have the right to perform an abortion after explaining the procedure and obtaining the patient’s consent. There is no medical reason for the woman to wait 24 hours, 48 hours, or any other length of time between consent and the abortion procedure as dictated by some state laws.

Abortion providers have the right to choose the tools and techniques that are best for a particular abortion procedure and the patient’s needs. The law should not dictate courses of treatment that are not supported by medical evidence. Nor should the law require the abortion provider to add medically unnecessary steps to the abortion procedure, processes that cause delays and increase the risks for the patient.

Abortion providers have the right to give patients the treatment they need, unencumbered by abortion-only restrictions and bans in public and private insurance coverage. Likewise, insurers should stop charging providers higher rates for malpractice coverage; abortion providers deserve rates commensurate with the fees paid by providers of other comparable, safe, legal medical procedures.

Abortion providers have the right to continue their training and conduct research in abortion techniques. Medical students and residents in relevant specialties have the right to learn about abortion in order to decide whether to become abortion providers.

Physicians for Reproductive Health stands behind abortion providers and their right to give their patients safe, compassionate, medically sound abortion care.


Jeanne E. Tiller
Rebecca Tiller-Bunting
Carolyn Westhoff, MD
Adam Jacobs, MD
LeRoy Carhart, MD
Mary Carhart
Warren M. Hern, MD
Wendy Chavkin, MD, MPH
Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH
Fred Hopkins, MD, MPH
Maureen Paul, MD
Jennifer Baumgardner
Betty A. Dodson, PhD
Erica Jong
Shelby Knox
Amanda Marie Marcotte
Robin Morgan
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Gloria Steinem
James Trussell, PhD
Jessica Valenti
* * *
Jodi Magee, Physicians for Reproductive Health President/CEO
Douglas Laube, MD, MEd, Former Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Chair
Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH, Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Chair
Suzanne T. Poppema, MD, Former Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Chair
Willie Parker, MD, MPH, Physicians for Reproductive Health Board At-Large Member
Fredrik F. Broekhuizen, MD, Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Secretary
Michelle Staples-Horne, MD, MPH, MS, Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Treasurer
Anna Altshuler, MD, MPH
Margaret Johnson Baylson, MD, MPH
Darcy Broughton, MD
Daniela C. Diaz, MD
Michelle Forcier, MD, MPH
Patricia Glowa, MD
Atsuko Koyama, MD, MPH
Sara Buchdahl Levine, MD
Anne Davis, MD, MPH, Physicians for Reproductive Health Consulting Medical Director
Susie Baldwin, MD, MPH
Frances R. Batzer, MD
Quentin Burritt Deming, MD
Alison Edelman, MD, MPH
Eve Espey, MD, MPH
Marilynn C. Frederiksen, MD
Joshua Freeman, MD
Richard Grossman, MD, MPH
Pratima Gupta, MD, MPH
Paula Hillard, MD
Harry S. Jonas, MD
Cathy J. Lazarus, MD
Larry Leeman, MD
Connie Mitchell, MD, MPH
Deborah Oyer, MD
Ralph J. Riviello, MD, MS
Roger Rochat, MD
Robert Roose, MD, MPH
Courtney A. Schreiber, MD
Albert George Thomas, MD, MS
Nada Stotland, MD, MPH
* * *
Charles Abele
Courtney Abrams
Jennifer Abrams, MD
Vanessa Ackley
David Ackman, MD
Amesh A. Adalja, MD
Pam Adelstein, MD
Jo Adams
William Roy Adams, MD
Patricia Adem, MD
Joan Hilary Adler
Jody Adler
Liz Afton
Lorna Aguilos, MD
Anne K. Ahola
Leo Ahumada
Alexandra Aitken
Sarp Aksel
Carole Albert
Gina Albert
Judith Albert, JD
Gaylon Alcaraz
Catherine Alderman
Mark Alexander
Susan Alexander
Joseph Alfano
Carol Alleman
Christie Allen, RN
Jessica Allen
Marcia Allina
Margaret Allison
Trey Allison
Eric Alterman
Annalisa Alvrus, PhD
Julie Michelle Amaon
Jennifer Amico, MD
Stephen Ammidown
Sue Amos
Kathryn Anastos, MD
Amy B. Anderson
Anita Anderson
Krista Anderson
Laura Caitlin Anderson
Tamara Anderson
Tovi Marit Anderson, MD
Teresa M. Andrews
Jennifer Boulanger Anestad
Andrea Angelucci, DO
Lindsay Marie April
Paul Samuel April
Dolly Arega-Pentikäinen
Shurree Arett
Rebecca Arney
Ruth Arick
Jessica Arons
Aimee Arrambide
Claudia Ivonne Arregoces
Carlito Arrogante, MD
Joyce H. Arthur
Christy Asbee
Esther-Ann Asch
Peter Max Ascoli
Lucy Ascoli
Margalo Ashley-Farrand, JD
Mussarat Asghar
Patricia Ashlock
Mariana Aslan
Stella Aslibekyan
Ashley Atkinson
Evelyn Atkinson
Stephanie E. Atkinson, RN
Jessica M. Atrio, MD
Lesley A. Atwood, MD
Katherine Au
Nancy Audet
Amanda Ault
Joan Diane Austin, RN
Sarah Kirsten Avant
Jill Avery-Stoss
Koki Awoonor, MD, MPH
Christina Ayala
Sally Bachofer, MD
Jessica R. Back
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baczek
Kelly Baden
Eleanor J. Bader
Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Angela Badura
Alison Bailey
Kim Bailey
I. Cori Baill, MD
B. Bain, MD
Pat Bakalian
Anne Baker, MS
Jessica Aquilla Baker
Kathryn Baker
Lisa Baker
Valerie Baker
Sharon Bakula
Miranda Balkin, MD
Julien Ball
Mary Ball
Joette Balsamo
Heidi Yvonne Bamberg
Wendy Banks
Farah Baqai
Sierra Barger
Donna Barkman
Jessica Penwell Barnett
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Frank Barry
Rebecca Barson, MPH
Joseph Schellinger Barylski
Gay Basehore
Jamie Elyse Bass
Colleen Bassoukos, RN
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Gail B. Bauchman, MD
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Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall, MS, PhD
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Katherine Beard
Aimee Leigh Beardslee
Anitra Beasley, MD
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Richard J. Beaulieu, PhD, RN, PNP-BC
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Sallie Beck
Sarah Bedell
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Jeremy Belch
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Shari Lynn Bence
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Donna Bening
Rebecca Jean Beno
Karen Bennett
Kristine Bennett
Amanda Benson
Beth Berendsen
Heather Berg
Miriam Villchur Berg
Sarah L. Berga, MD
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Sara Berk
Dory (Dorothy) Berke, RN
Minnie Berman
Phyllis Berman
Carol R. Beron
Alana Berry
Deborah Bessen, MD
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Sarah Elisabeth Beyer
Ava Bhavsar
Katherine Bickford
Deborah Billings
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Sally Bisch
Llyn Bjorklund
Jolie Blackburn
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Nancy Blanford
Jennifer Blasdell
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Darlene Boggs
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Elizabeth Bookwalter
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Toyo Kahane
Nasheen Kaur Kalkat
Ramsey Kamar
Barry Kaminsky, MD
Barbara S. Kane, PhD
Bliss Kaneshiro, MD, MPH
Elaine Kang, MD
Deborah Kaplan, PA, MPH
Karen L. Kaplan, MD, PhD
Michael Kapphahn
Riley Karbon
Kim Kardonsky, MD
Arati S. Karnik
Evelyn M. Karson, MD, PhD
Michelle Karsten, MD
Anna Katich, MS
Toni L. Katz
Leonard Katzman
Arthur Kaufman, MD
Jane E. Kaufman, MD
Rashmi Kaul, MD
Megan Rae Keeling
Alberta Keeney
Suzanne Keers
Kevin Keith
Lisa C. Keith
Kimberly Keller
Caitlin Kelly
Kim M. Kelly, MD
Miranda K. Kelly
Bonnie Kelnberger
Kris Kennedy, MD
Holly M. Kent
Stewart Kernes, DO
Jennifer Kerns, MD, MPH
Agnes Kerr
Joann Heck Kersh, MD
Arona Kessler
Daryl Kessler, JD
Carissa Anne Kett
Emily Anne Ketterer
Cynthia Keyser
Reema Khadre
Nahla Khalek, MD
Rania Khan, MD
Mardi Kildebeck
Hanna Kim
Danica King
Erin L. King, MD
Kathy King, MD
Robert S. King
Valerie King
Jessica M. Kingston, MD
Kathleen Kinzer
Karisha Kirk
Laura Kirkpatrick
Mileen B. Kirkpatrick
Maggie Kissel
Mariko Kita
Emily Kitchen
Carrie Klaege
David A. Kleer, PhD
Kate Klein
Walter Kleine
Kathy Kleinfeld
Vicky Kleinman
Irena Klepfisz, PhD
Alison Kliegman
Dayle Kline
Kathleen Klozik
Grant Klugman, MD
Angela Knoblock
Marissa Knodel
Lily Knol
Andy Knoll
Katharine Knoll
Sean Knotts
Samara Knox
Lara Knudsen, MD
Sandra Koch, MD
Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, Esq.
Donald Kollisch, MD
Anna Kong
Ari Korpivaara
Diane Korsower, MD
Meredith L. Kovach
Megan Kovacs
Kristiina Kovanen
Meghan Kosowski
Laura Kozak
Karen Kraft
Jessica Kraskian
Emily Kreitzer
Beatrice Kreloff
Nicole Krempasky
Juli Kring
Marian Kristiansen
Tammi Kromenaker
Benjamin Brian Kruger
Natalie Krumrei
Rashmi Kudesia, MD
Anita Kuennen, RN
Elizabeth Kukura
Layne Michelle Kumetz, MD
Edna Kunkel
Joyce Kurzweil
Dana Kusnir, MD
Eli Janet Kuti
Elizabeth Jean Kvach, MD
Jen LaBarbera
Daniel Labovitz, MD
Essie Mercedes Lacay
Joanie D. Lambert
M. Lambert-Fisher
Adda Lamon
Juliet Lamont
Micki Landa
Sari Landman
A. Lane
Bruce T. Lang
Marsha Langan, NP
R. Langer
John and Teresa Langston
Kathy Lao
Sally Lao
Marian Larkin, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Nancy Larsen
Kim Lasdon
Jean Laskey, RN
Anna Laukkanen
Erin Lee Laurence
Melissa L. Laurie
Rita Law
Margaux H. Lazarin, DO, MPH
Meghan Lazerson
Aaron Lazorwitz
Stephanie LeBleu
Tracey Ledel, RN
Jenna Ledford
Connie Lee
Erika Dionn Lee
Justine Lee, MD
Karen Lee
Lelanda Lee
Lina Lee
Valerie Lee
Wayne Lee
L. Leffew
Natalie Jean Lefholz, MS
Melbra Douglas LeGrand
Kathleen Lehn
Lynette Leighton, MD
Roy J. and Dorothy G. Leighton, RN
Michelle Leiker
Christopher Leithiser
Elizabeth Leitman, MPH
Heather Lehr
Helen Lemay
Tristan Lemons
Nancy Lemrow
Sarah Lennon
Enrique Leon, MD
Ann Leonard, MSPH, RN
Sue Leonard
Jessica Leser
Joyce Leslie, MD
Ruth Lesnewski, MD
Jasmine Lester
Lydia Leung, MD
Brooke A. Levandowski, PhD
Bonnie Aaron Levin
Jeremy Levin, MD, PhD
Sara Levin, MD
Mimi Levine
Suzanne Braun Levine
W. Joyce Levitan
Kenneth B. Levites, MD
Joy D. Levitt
Judith Levy, MD
Margaret Lewin, MD, MS
Ali Lewis, MD
Claire Lewis
Lisa Lewis, DO, MPH
Judy Lewis, PhD
Simone Lewis
Erica Li
Steve Lichtenberg, MD, MPH
Anne Williams Lieberman
Laura Lieberman
Judith Lienhard
Lexi Light
Apryl S. Lightcap
Claire Lindberg, PhD, NP
Randy Linde, MD
Amanda Lingo
Karen Lipinczyuk
Karin Lippert
Rhita Lippitz
Adelay Liss
Lisa Littman, MD
Renee Locks
Ken Lockwood
Thomas Loder
Jessica Loehman
Elizabeth Loesch
Catherine Lohmeier
Lori Lohrenz
Rebecca Loman
Cynthia Ann London
Gail Long
Kathryn Long
Charles Longstreth, MD
Barbara Lonsdale
Emily C. Looney
Aliza Lopes-Baker
Toni Lopopolo
Sahar Lotfi-Emran
Pam S. Lotke, MD, MPH
Susan Thom Loubet
Melissa Loukas
Marcena W. Love
Margaret Lovell
Amanda Jean Lovett
Jennifer Lozano
Eleanor M. Luce, MD
Norman Luce
Susan Luce
Anthony Elias Luchonok
Joshua David Lucht
Candice Lynn Luciani
Jeannie Ludlow
John Luiza
Brita Lund
Erin E. Lunde, MD
Kate Lux
Katie Luzecky
Lauren Rebecca Lykke
Jesse Lyon
Timothy and Susan Lynch
Sherwood Lynn, MD
Elizabeth Lyster, MD, MPH
Sidney Macaw, NP
Christa Mace
Jocelyn Maci
Tenessa MacKenzie, MD
Josephine Alice Mackerras
Megan A. MacLean, RN
Melanie Anne MacLennan, MD, MPH
Claire Macomson
Devin Madden, MPH
Thomas Mader
Raymond Magee
Shannon Magee
Bruno Maurice Maggi, MD
Christ-Ann Andree Magloire, MD
Noelle Magrino
Lorraine Maguire
Bani Maheshwari, MD
Bette Maffucci
Rene Elise Mai
Lisa Maier
DeAnna Ruth Malchman
Maria Maldonado
Dorothy Mallory
Tyrone Cecil Malloy, MD, JD
Emily Mallozzi
Kathryn Malone
Michele Manber, PhD
Aliya Mann
Robb Marchione, MD
Jack David Marcus
Deborah Margules, MD
Amy Marietta
Eric Marinelli
Taylor Markey
Craig P. Markham, MS
Amy Markwell
Judith E. Marlin
Carina Marquez, MD
Nick Marshak
Catie Martin
Jody Anne Martin
Andrea Martinez
Julia Masch
Rachel J. Masch, MD, MPH
Stephanie Masline
Tricia Maslyk
John Massey
Mackenzie Rebecca Massey
G. Sealy Massingill, MD
Julia Mathewson, MD
Kristin M. Mathis
Susanne M. Matias, MD
Susan Elizabeth Matt
Alicia Mauer
James Rankin Maxwell
Mary Ellen Mayo
Christy McAvoy, MD
Tamara McBride
Chris McCabe
Christi M. McCallum
Christen McClain
Molly McClure
Nancy McCollum
Maren McConnell-Collins
William Herron McCormick, MD
Wanda McCrae
Julia McDonald, DO, MPH
Raegan McDonald-Mosley, MD
Mark McDowell, MD
Rebecca McEntee, MD
Edith Anne McFadden, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McFarland
Molly R. McGinty, MD
Mary Ellen McGoey
Jenna McKay
Zoe Brooke McKee
Jessica McKenzie
Callum B. McLaren
Nancy McLaren, MD
Patrick Christian Mclaughlin
Colleen Mclean
Merriam Louise Mclendon
Fiona McMahon
Jeanne McMahon
Kristin McMahon, RN, MPH
Daniel G. McMurtrie, MD
Colleen McNicholas, MD
Ann McReynolds, MD
Jill Meadows, MD
Megan Meagher
Lisa Medoff, PhD
Peter Meed
Ruth Meier
Ingrid Meintjes
Sharon Meieran, MD
Bree Melechinsky
Anne Mellinger-Birdsong, MD, MPH
Lisa Memmel, MD
Lindsay Menard-Freeman
Barbara Mendoza
Monique Mendoza
Catherine Menick
Rebecca Mercier, MD, MPH
Michael L. Meredith
Audrey Merriam, MD
Rachel Merrick
Christie Messenger, MD
Renee E. Mestad, MD
Jessica Metaneira
Leslie Lynn Meyer, MS
Carole M. Meyers, MD
Denice Meyers
Doris Meyers
Sonja Milbourn
Lisa Miles
Caitlin Miller, RN
Elizabeth Miller
Kristi Miller
Jeff Miller
Marilyn Joyce Miller
Rebecca Miller
Samara Miller
Sarah Miller, MD
Alexandra Milspaw
Leah Milstein
InSung Min, MD
Sally Minard
Diane Mitchell, MD
Liz Mitchell
Patricia Mitchell
Bharg Moh
Jeanne Mohammadein
Bhargas Mohand
Tarek Moharram
Mirza Molberg
M. Molthen
Frederick W. Moncrief
Terry Moon
Jenee Lollise Moore
Anita Monical
Amanda Monyak
Josie Morales, NP
Caitlin Moran
Veronica Moreno
Yari Vale Moreno, MD
Kathleen Morrell, MD
Allison Morris
Yvonne Morris
Carissa Ellen Morrison
Chet Morrison, MD
Kelly Morrow
Natalie Morse-Noland
Anne Katherine Mortimer-Maddox
Steve Moser
Mary Motichka
Maryam Heshmati Moulai
Keyly Mourier
Sarah Moyer, MD, MPH
Harold Mozer
Janet Lynn Mozes, NP
Kerstin M-Pullin
Julie Mullette, RN
John Mulvey
Pamela Mullins
Caitlin Murphy
Dennis O. Murphy
Erin Murphy
Geri Murphy
Nicole Murray
Fred Murschall Jr.
Amitasrigowry S. Murthy, MD, MPH
Daphne Muse
Rachel Muto
Danae Myricks
Mark Nakamura
Cheri Nakisher
Warren Stanley Nakisher
Jean Marie Naples, MD, PhD
Erica Nash
Katherine Nash
Scott Nass, MD, MPA
Melissa Natavio, MD
Traci Nauser, MD
Trenton Nauser, MD
Arielle Needham
Kana Neibert
Marilyn Neimark, PhD
Amy R. Nelson, MD
Elizabeth Nicole Diaz Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Nelson
John Nelson, NP, PhD
Jon Nelson
Teresa Nelson
Sarah Nelson
Gwen Colleen Nelson
Stephanie Nemet
Gwen Nesselle
Shelli Netherton
Patricia Neumann
Liz Newbury
Anne Marie Newman
Emely Nguyen
Tina Nguyen, MD
Barbara Nicholls
Jennifer Nichols
Rael Nidess, MD
Chesli J. Nigra
Siripanth Nippita, MD
Ali Nininger-Finch
Sarah Noelke
Jessica Nokovic
Emily Norland, MD
Maureen North
Rhoda Nussbaum, MD
Paige Oberlin
Alison O’Brien, MD
Emma O’Brien
Katherine O’Connell
Heather O’Connor
Sara Lou O’Connor
Bha Oha
Kathryn O’Halloran
Sharon O’Hara
Tony Anthony Ogburn, MD
Rebecca Olds
Betsy Olson
Lauren Olson
Reilley Olson
Carol O’Neill
Mindy Opper, PA
Tedra Osell
Heather Ostlund

For the text of the declaration, click here.

Roger E. Packard, DO
Catherine Packer
Elizabeth Paddock, MD
Joquetta D. Paige, MD, MPH
Cristina Page
Whitney Page
Samantha Pajor
Jill Louise Palajac, NP
Sheila L. Palevsky, MD, MPH
Julia Palm
Kate Palmer
Lynn Paltrow, JD
Anjali Pandya
Cassie Paoli
John Pappas
Anthoula Parianos
Joonhee Park, MD
Dolores Parra
Erin Parrish
Samantha Parsons
Frances Patch
Kari Patel
Amanda Patel, PharmD
Alvinette Patterson
Jacquelyn Patterson
Maureen Paul, MD, MPH
Jennifer Paul
Margo Pave
Heather Marie Pearson
Maria Pedak-Kar
Mark Pederson
Janna Pekaar, ARNP
Leia Peison
Pamela Day Pelletreau, PhD
Naomi Pelzig, MD
Jennifer Pemberton
Genea Pereira
Cheryl Perez
Susannah Lynn Perkins
Susan Perle
Lisa K. Perriera, MD, MPH
Ulises J. Pesce, MD
Emily Peters
Claire Peterson
Kara Peterson
Terry Peterson
Nicole Petrin
Julie Ellen Pettigrew
Emily Pfeifer
Rachael Phelps, MD
Laura A. Philips, MD
Betty Phillips
Sara Lyn Phillips-Rashbaum
Virginia Phillips
Irene Emma Phipps
Joie Pickett
Malcolm Pike, PhD
Bob Piller
Tracy Pinkelton
Linda Pinsky, MD
Meaka Pitschka
Michael Poage
Rebecca Podolsky, MD
Judith Pogue
Holly Poindexter
Chelsea Polis, PhD
Jessica Polsky
Daniel S. Pomerantz, MD, MPH
Carey Pope
Rebecca Popeck
Dianne Post
Michael L. Potruch, MD
Elizabeth Potter, CNM, NP
Jessica Potts
Rene Powell
Stacie Powell
Victoria Powell
Grace Powers
Phyllis and Elliot Prager
Sarah Ward Prager, MD
Meredith Preble
Carol L. Priest, MSN, FNP-BC
James W. Prescott, PhD
Felisa Preskill
Jacinta B. Montoya Price
Maryanna Price
Linda W. Prine, MD
David Priver, MD
Sarah Proehl
Alexander Proffer
Jessica Proto
Roslyn K. Pulitzer
Michelle Quackenbush
Jacquelyn Quetal, NP, RN
Richard Quinones
I. Carmen Quintana
Tessa Raebeck
E. Denley Rafferty
Sally Rafie, PharmD
Shirley Ragland
Emily Jeanine Raikes
Trisha Ramer
Christina Ramos
William Douglas Ramos, MD
Nicole Ramsey
Robert C. Rand
Lynne Randall
Kathryn Ranieri, EdD
Stuart Rapier
Karen A. Raschke
Moira Rashid
Dana Rasso
Christi Ray, MD
Kathryn Ray
Nicole Raymaker
Elizabeth Raymond MD, MPH
Diana Read
Erica Reade
Pamela Reading
Brittney Reaume
Denise Reaves
Amanda ReCupido
Audrianna Reddick
Sherrill Redmon
Krystal Redmond-Sherrill
Natasha Reeder
Helen Reid, MPH
Eugenia Jo Regan
Rachel Rego
Jennifer Reid
Dorothy Reik
Regina Renner, MD
Dominique Renson
Michelle Reyes
David Hamilton Rhinelander
Susan Ricci, CNM
Kimberly Michelle Rich
Marisa Leigh Richard
Cheri Richardson
Joanna Karen Richardson
Reta Richardson
Susan Richman, MD, MPH
Bethany LeAnn Ridling
Neil Rifenbark, MD
Brandi Nicole Ring
Alexandra Ringe
Kari Rinker
Glenda Rios, MD
Eve Rittenberg, MD
Lynette P. Rizzo
David Roatch
Nikki Roatch
Craig Roberts
Jane K. Roberts
Karen Roberts, MD
Sarah Roberts
Hazel Robbins
Beverley Robin, MD
Sarah Robin
Dena Robinson
Susan Robinson, MD
Evan Lessin Rochkind
Carolina Rodriguez
Elizabeth Roeber
Lindsey Ann Roeder
Lynn Rohlf
John Dennis Roizin, MD
Samuel Roland
Jan A. Rolin
Garson Romalis, MD
Kathleen Romanick
Sharon Romano, MD
Catherine Romanos, MD
Denise Romesburg
Lucia Roncalli, MD
Cristiao Fernando Rosas, MD
Ann W. Rose
Lilith Rose
Jamie Lynn Roseman
Bruce Rosen
Joel Rosen, MD
Lara Rosenbaum
Peter Rosenbaum, MD
Hilary Rosenstein
Roger G. Rosenstein, MD
Rima Kopelman Rosenstein, MD
Amy J. Rosenthal, MD
Mark Alan Rosing, MD, MPH
Allison Ross
Carlin Ross, Esq.
Josey Ross
Kari Ross
Kathleen Ross
Meghan Ross
Rain Ross
Rennae Ross
Thomas Ross, DO
Cynthia Ross-Pilcher
Pauline Roth
Molly Rothert
Bonnie Fry Rothman
Denise Roux
Jennifer Rowe
Elizabeth Ann Rowell
Lorene Rowland
Cecelia Royal
Dayna Rozental
Susan E. Rubin, MD, MPH
H. L. Rudich
Sylvie Rueff
Heather Michelle Ruff
Ruthe Rugh, RN
Denise Rushton
Amanda Russell
Jessica Russell
Nicola Russell, RN
James Ruwaldt
Lesley I. Ryan, MD
Sara Ryan
Inna Ryvkin, MD
Gordon H. Sabaduquia
Katherine Vera Sachs, MD
Reza Safavi
Alana Sagin
Diane Saldi
Terry Sallas Merritt
Robin Salters
Elizabeth A. J. Salzer, PA
Arlene Sampson
Justin Sanders, MD
Marlene Sanders
Roger Cobban Sanders, MD
Lisa Sanning
Christina Santamaria
Nanette Santoro, MD
Shira Beth Saperstein
Beth Saunders
Nancy Sawyer, MS
Julie Saxe-Taller
Abigail Sayre
Jeanne Scanlon
Reagan Schaplow, MD
Aric Schichor, MD
Mary Scheib
Juliet Schiff
Melissa Jean Schlegel
Cindy Schmidt
Elizabeth Schmidt, MD
Sara J. Schmidt
Callie Schmitz
Stephanie Schmitz
Corinne Schneider
Roberta Schneiderman
Irwin Schneiderman
Sarah Anne Schoellkopf, PhD
Johanna Schoen, PhD
Robin Scholer
Janice Scholl
Dana Schonberg
Maribeth Schonberg
Joyce Schorr
Rebecca Schreier
Casey Schroeder
Kelly Schrubba
Dallas Schubert
Coby Schultz, RN
An Schutt-Aine, MD
Stacey Schwab
Jessica Schwartz
Cynthia Schwarz
Kristy M. Schwatka
Erika Scott
Janet A. Scott
Kevin Scott, MD
Lauren Scott
Rachel Scott, MD, MPH
Pamela Scully, PhD
Marisa Searle
Katie Seitz, MD
Arianna Zukerman Sekulow
Julia Selfridge
Shelley Sella, MD
Manpreet Sen
Ruby T. Senie, PhD
Susan Serritella
Shelly Sersch
James Servais
Amanda Shaffer
Deborah Shaffer
Martha Shane
Michaela Shank
Daria Shapiro
Eve Shapiro, MD
Judith Shapiro, PhD
Valya Shapiro
Bahar Sharafi
Maureen Shaw
Rebecca F. Shaw
Sharene Shaw
Linda Shaver
Anna Shealy
Barbara A. Shear-Hill
Amanda Sheehan
Maggie Sheffield
Brittany Shelton
Randall Shields
Rana Shihab
Alyse Shinaver
Judith Shirley
Alice Shorr
Paula Shulman
Heather Shumaker, Esq.
Fanchon Shur
Gail Shurgot
Christy Sibley
Ayesha Siddiqui, MD
Jessica Emily Sideways, MD
Sarah Siebold, RN, MS
Marjorie Siegel, EdD
R. Siegfried
Elaine L. Sierra, JD
Diane Silas
Elizabeth Wyman Silk, MS
Irene N. Sills, MD
Sandra Silva
C. Silver
Allison Silverman
Donna Silverman
Debby Simmons
Ashley L. Simpson
Janet Singer
Jan M. Sinnott, PhD
Dawn Siow
Katherine Sisco, MD
Ira John Sites III, MD
Rebecca Skimin
Cynthia K. Slater
Sara Slater
Kate Smiley
Bonnie J. Smith
Bre Smith
Kathryn Smith
Kelly Lynn Smith
Lori Ann Smith
Merril Smith
Rebecca J. Smith
Tree Smith-Benedikt
Brenda Snowman, MD
Susan Jean Sobel
Tammy Sobieski-Joy
Elena Solomon
Elke Solomon
Judith Solomon
Michelle Solomon
Rebecca Anshell Song
Stephen M. Sonnenberg, MD
Catherine Soper
Tim L. Sorrells, MD, MPH
Tonya Southard, MD
Kari Sower, RN
Joan Z. Spade
Alexandra C. Spadola, MD
Ruth Spalding
Lacey Sparks
Christy Spate
Renee Spear
Christyne Speed
Daniel Speer
Meghan Spencer
Will H. Spencer
Mychal B. Springer
Taf Squires
Pasquale Riccardo Stabile
Evelyn Annette Stamey
Abigail Stanfill
Eleanor Powell Stanley, MD, MS
Robert Starr, MD
Linda Werr Stavrinos
Sheryl Stebbins
Brandi L. Steck
J.R. Steckler
Tiffany Steele
Elanor Steffee
Alice Stek, MD
Janet Laurie Stein, MD
Francine S. Stein
Rachel Steinhart, MD, MPH
Bruce S. Steir, MD, MPH
Sue Steketee
Sari Steuber
Ashley Stevens
Danielle Stevens
Mackenzie Steward-Snook
Carrie Stewart
Jennie Stewart
Daniel Stilwell
Kyle Stock
Tracy Stocks
Judy Stone, MD
Mandy Stone
A. Marika Stone
Kate Stone
Bayard T. Storey, PhD
Fred C. Storm, MD
Jacqueline Strano
Josef Stremick
Noel Strong, MD
Sean Strub
Amanda Noel Struiksma
Damon L. Stutes, MD
Carolyn Sufrin, MD
John Sullivan
Laura Sullivan, MD
Mia Sullivan
Mary Sutton
Ryan Thomas Swanek
Meribeth Swartz
Edward J. Sweeney
Debra Sweet
Ellen Sweet
Liisa Sweet-Korpivaara
Cindy Swessel-Hofer
Yael Swica, MD, MPH
Lynn M. Szabo, PA
Charlotte Taft
Raeka Talati, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Talmont, NP
Kumiko Tanaka
Ilene Tannenbaum, NP
Stephen Taplin, MD
Tamara Lyn Tardy
Alexandra Taylor
Dayna Leah Taylor
Damillia Taylor
Jenna Taylor
Steven Taylor
Jeanie Tebeau
Debra Teplin, PA
Lynne Teplin
Rebecca Lynn Terrell
Adjoa S. Tetteh
Michael Thackrey, MD
Mary Thayer
Mary L. Thom
Sarah Thomas
Betty Thompson, MS
Francine Thompson
Sharon Thompson, MD
Torie Thompson
Sam Thorp
Lindsay Thorpe
Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon
Laurel Thornton
Irene C. Thraen-Borowski, MS
Angeline Ti
Jennifer Timmons
Cassie Tinsmon
Caressa Tinker
Carolyn Adele Tinus
Hannah Tipple
Preetesh Tiwari
Lydia Todd
Michelle Toich Anderson
Debra Toman
Claudine Pierette Torfs, PhD
Kristina Toro-Quinones
Jennifer Torpey
Ava Torre-Bueno, LCSW
Janet Torsney
Nicole Trabold, PhD
Vicki Jo Tracy
Nancy Traver
Matt Treat
Carol Tucker Trelease
Charlyn Trenier
Gylyntwa Trotman, MD
Sandra D. Truesdell
Jos Truitt
Mary Tschann, MPH
Rena Tucker
Stephanie Tucker
Susan Tully, MD, FAAP
Diana Turken
Joyce Turner
Kim Turner
Rebecca Turner
David Turok, MD
Chris Tuttle
Jessie Tuz
Benita Ulisano, MS
Nora Valencia
Joeri Van den Bergh, MD, PhD
Rebecca Jean Van der Malle
Barbara Van Eeckhout
Peter Van Eerden, MD, MS
Lindsay Van Lund
Rachna Vanjani
Carrie Van Ness
Jonathan Vapnek, MD
Kelly Vasquez
Lucy Vazquez
Eric Samuel Veith, Esq.
Brooke Vezino, MD
John Viacrucis
Nadja Vielot
Kathleen Viglione
Thomas Anthony Vitale
Emily L. Vitale
Amy Voedisch, MD
Natalie and Richard Voldstad
Jonni Rose Vonburg
Kendra Walker Waddell
Melanie Wagner
Diane Wahto
Rachel Walden
Judy Walker
Mary Walker
Carol Carter Wall
Angela Wallace
Mark Wallace
Janine M. C. Waller
Leila Walsh
Elizabeth Ward
Meredith Warden, MD, MPH
Alissa Warner
Ruby Warnock
Diane Warren, PhD
Mel Washington
Kirstan Watson
Carol Waugh
Norma Jo Waxman, MD
Julie Way
Tara Jean Weaver
Ashley Webb
Fiona Weber
Linda Weber
Jennifer Webster
Helen Weems, ARNP
Debby Weil
Jason Paul Weinstock
Jim Weisa, MD
Ed Weisbart, MD
Maria Weiser
Jennifer M. Weishaar
Elayne Weiss
Lauren Weiss
Gerson Weiss, MD
Laura Welch, MD
Marsie Welch
Nancy Welharticky
William Patrick Wend
Charlene A. Wendel
Phyllis Wender
Kelly J. Werkheiser, RN
Ronna Werne
Julie West
Mary West
Megan West
Melissa Weston
Beatrice Westrate
Erin Lynn Wethern
Eleanor Wetzel
James Weyand, MD
Elizabeth Ellen Whalley
Vicki Whitaker
Joanna Whitcup, PhD
Andrea White
Courtney White
Darcy White
Helen White, CNM
Jordan Catherine White, MD
Maureen White
Heather M. Whittier
Aleasa Wiacek
Brittany-Ann Wick
Susan Wicklund, MD
Kristen Lyn Widmer, MD
Jennifer Ann Wieder Gamez
Anna Wiencrot
Samantha Wilatowska
Kathryn R. Wilcken
Elizabeth Wiley, JD, MPH
Lei J. Wiley-Mydske
Katherine Wilgruber
Brenda Wilhelmson
Kristen Wilke
Tracey Wilkinson, MD
Debbie Williams, DO, MPH
Kelly Williams
Sarah Williams
Steve Williams
Dina S. Willner, JD
Anya Maria Willoughby
Bridget Wilson
Jenna Melissa Wilson
Margaret M. Wilson
Susan E. Wilson
James Wilterding, MD
Tanis Wing
Margie Wirth
Zoe Witzeling
Christine Wolak
Meagan Lynn Wood
Carolyn Woodley
Amber Woodruff
Bonnie Worden
Sarah Worman
Stephen Wright
Justine Peen Wu, MD, MPH
Lizzy Wylder
Lori Wyman
Amanda Wynn
Sarah Yager
Susan Yanow
Julie Ann Yeh, MD, MPH
Sophia Yen, MD, MPH
Elinor Lockwood Yeo
Suellen Moli Yin
Susan Lloyd Yolen
Sloane York, MD
Amy Yosha, MD, MPH
Assaf Yosha, MD
Emily Young
Laura Young
Sarah Whitman Young
Joselyn Yrayta
Elizabeth Zacharias Owens
Hadas Zachor
Bahar Zaker
Ashleigh Elizabeth Zellermeyer
Q. Zeng
Alexis Zepeda
Lauren Zerbib
Rachel Zibrat
Paul L. Zimmerman, MD
Kendra Marie Zoellner, PhD
Karen Zukerman
Jerry Zupnick, MD
Holly Zurer
Michele Zwillinger