Story No. 322: Dr. Terez from California

As a physician, I take care of several transgender youth in my clinic. One patient that comes to mind is 18-year-old Timothy (name changed). Timothy identifies as a man, but was born in a body with female body parts. Timothy is on testosterone to masculinize his body so that it is more in line with his male gender identity.

Timothy is sexually active with his partner and is still at risk for pregnancy, as his testosterone does not prevent him from getting pregnant. In order for Timothy to live a full and happy life, he takes his testosterone, takes care of his body by eating healthy and exercising, sees his medical team regularly, AND uses birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Timothy is on a birth control called Depo-Provera. Being on this birth control helps Timothy prevent pregnancy while staying on track with his treatment goals and without interfering with his masculinizing hormone, testosterone. When asked about his birth control, Timothy said, “It’s so important to me to have this, because getting pregnant would be horrible. I’m a guy, I don’t ever want to be pregnant. Depo helps me with that.” He is grateful that his birth control and testosterone help him to live life as his authentic self and help him to enjoy his relationship.