Story No. 539: Jess from New York

I was 22, had just graduated college and about to start a pretty good job. I knew there was no future with the guy I was dating at the time. I was always very careful during sex, but this time was one of two times he convinced me to use the pull-out method. I tried Plan B, and even though I bled as if I got my period, it didn’t work.

I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to bring the pregnancy to term. There was no way I was going to be a single mom, forever connected to a guy I had no future with. I live in New York, and I went to a local Planned Parenthood. I remember crying while trying to schedule a time to come back in so I could get an ultrasound and purchase the abortion medication. My problem was I’d just started working and didn’t have sick days yet. I was in training, which took me out of the office for days at a time, and I was worried that taking any time off would make a bad impression.

I spoke with a staff member, who calmly scheduled me in based on what I felt comfortable with. I’ll forever be thankful for her and my two friends who supported me through the night when I took the medication. I felt so ashamed of being in that position, but somehow we were able to laugh and cry all night. I was lucky to live in an area where I could access a Planned Parenthood easily.

I’ve never regretted my decision. I love to travel, I play sports, and I enjoy life. I’ve been able to get my master’s degree, and I’m in a great relationship that’s fairly carefree. I’ve never been interested in being pregnant or going through labor.

The only thing I regret was waiting too long to check if I was pregnant. I was in denial and hoped I was mistaken. There are only three people in my life who know about my abortion, though: my two friends, and the guy who got me pregnant. Maybe someday it won’t be too uncomfortable to speak openly about it.