"Well what about my life? Does it have any meaning?"

Story No. 567: Rachel from West Virginia, Part 3

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I may not survive this heart surgery. I may.

Either way, I am disappointed in President Trump and his administration for wanting to take personal choice out of the equation for so many people.

President Trump and other politicians have wives, daughters, and mothers.

What would they want for them if they had a daughter born with a heart defect that would kill them if they carried a pregnancy to term? Would they want to lose their own child? I doubt that very much, and that lack of empathy scares and shocks me in an administration that calls themselves pro-life. Well what about my life? Does it have any meaning?

If one life means absolutely nothing to them, then they have no business calling themselves pro-life, more pro-birth, and while that is fine to be personally, America is not about enforcing one will on the will of millions upon millions of people who may have different values.