"The inequality will be, like it is today, pervasive and dangerous."

Story No. 577: Provider from New York

People who have connections and privilege, or know people that put them in contact with the medical system, can access the right part of the medical system when they need it.

This matters when we think about access to abortion. It just happened this week.

I got a text from my practice partner who is on vacation out of the country. It read:

“I have a friend three days late for her period. Pregnancy test is confirmed. Wants an abortion and is anxious to get it done. Sorry for poor timing.”

It wasn’t difficult for me to get in contact with this patient, get them the appointment they needed for their abortion, and ensure they were seen expediently. All because they were a friend of abortion providers.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, and the legality of abortion goes back to the states, those with privilege will still be able to use their networks to get the care they need. The inequality will be, like it is today, pervasive and dangerous.

Those who don’t have connections, those who don’t have money to spare to travel for abortion care, those are the people we need to go to bat for as we continue the fight to protect Roe vs. Wade.