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Congress Needs to Take Action Today to Combat Zika. Will You Help?

Zika is on the rise in the United States and yet federal and state health agencies lack the resources required to address this crisis.

Although the House of Representatives passed a bill, it falls woefully short of the amount of money needed. Moreover, the bill has restrictions on family planning despite the fact that health authorities have recommended delaying or avoiding pregnancy for women at risk of Zika because of the link between Zika and serious birth defects.

We must let our lawmakers know how critical it is that they pass a Zika spending bill free of political restrictions on family planning. Your members of Congress need to hear from you today. Please take a moment to let your representatives know that they need to take action.

It is critical that our elected officials break through the politics and act in the best interest of women and families by providing the resources necessary to address this public health issue. Join us in asking Congress to take action today!