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Join us fighting back: #ExposeFakeClinics

Often called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (or CPCs), fake clinics masquerade as health centers, but they exist solely to lie to pregnant people about their reproductive health and prevent them from accessing abortion—and they are running rampant across the country. Using deceptive tactics like setting up shop right next door to an abortion provider, fake clinics lure vulnerable women inside promising “free ultrasounds” or pregnancy tests, only to lay on the misinformation and shame about abortion.

CPCs now outnumber real clinics—you know, the ones that are actual health care providers and give full, unbiased information about the full range of reproductive health services and options—by more than 5 to 1. And in 34 states, these fake clinics have been funded by taxpayer dollars, which means that poor people and women of color are impacted the hardest by the lies and stigma perpetuated by CPCs.

Physicians for Reproductive Health has joined forces with dozens of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations all across the country for a campaign to #ExposeFakeClinics, and you can join in the action. Here’s how:

Read and share our stories about experiences with crisis pregnancy centers:

Share your own story: if you’ve ever had an experience with a crisis pregnancy center, you have a powerful story about how this issues affects people’s lives that can help others. Share your story with our Voices of Courage project, and we’ll amplify your voice.

Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #ExposeFakeClinics. Share a message of your own or click to tweet:

Learn more on the #ExposeFakeClinics website and find additional opportunities to get involved in this important campaign.