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Meet Our Advocates: Dr. Courtney Kerestes (she/her)

Where do you call home?
Columbus, OH.

What are your clinical or research interests?
My clinical work is as a full-spectrum OBGYN with a focus in complex family planning. My research interests include increasing access to medication abortion, expanding use of telemedicine in family planning, and providing person-centered family care in innovative ways.

What current policy issue motivates you to be an advocate?
The Dobbs decision is top of mind, although the many preexisting restrictions on providing abortion care in a red state also pushed me to want to advocate. The zip code you live in should not determine your ability to access abortion care but unfortunately that is the current state of the country.

What local justice-centered organization do you wish we knew about?
Moms2Be is a Columbus-based organization aiming to decrease maternal and infant mortality and prepare families for a healthy, safe future. It has had remarkable outcomes in decreasing infant mortality with their community centered work. I hope to help them expand the contraceptive options for their moms and help them achieve future planned pregnancies.

What is bringing you joy these days?
I get so much joy (and headaches) from my two dogs, Kona and Buffy. I also take joy in baking and cooking, almost always something new.

Our Meet Our Advocates series showcases the talents and passion of one of our doctors and finds out, in their own words, what inspires them to be physician advocates. Courtney Kerestes, MD, MSCTR is a current Fellow in our Leadership Training Academy Class of 2023. Dr. Kerestes practices complex family planning in Ohio.

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