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Meet Our Advocates: Dr. Kelly Treder

What are your pronouns?

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Seattle, WA.

What’s your specialty or area of expertise?
I am an obstetrician/gynecologist specializing in Family Planning.

What first inspired you to become a doctor?
Believe it or not, I was first inspired to become a doctor after watching the show “E.R.” with my parents when I was eight years old. It was the first “adult” show I can remember being allowed to watch and I was inspired by the passion of the characters and the way they were able to help people. I have now followed through on the career plans I made when I was only eight years old! I am most driven and inspired by relationships with people, and that fuels my continued passion for a career in medicine.

What current policy issue especially motivates you to be an advocate?
I am most motivated by any policy issue that affects the most marginalized members of our society. I am particularly committed to the health and wellness of women of color in the United States. I strive to influence policy that will dismantle racism and other systems of oppression in our country.

How do you practice self-care?
I try to maintain balance between my professional and personal life. My relationships with my family and friends, experiences with nature, and travel to new places are restorative experiences for me. I am also working on practicing yoga and have a goal to learn meditation!

Who is your social justice hero?
My social justice hero is my mother. She grew up in Oakland in the 1960s. When her family relocated to a small town in California when she was in high school, she and her siblings were among the first Black students to integrate the local high school.  She confronted overt racism and injustice throughout her life with grace, diplomacy and optimism. I am also incredibly inspired and intrigued by Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the first African American woman to serve as Surgeon General of the United States. She spoke boldly about issues around abortion, contraception, sex education, and drug legalization in the 1990s and was way beyond her time!

Our Meet Our Advocates series showcases the talents and passion of one of our doctors and finds out, in their own words, what inspires them to be physician-advocates. Kelly Treder, MD, MPH is in our current Leadership Training Academy class. Dr. Treder practices obstetrics and gynecology in Massachusetts.

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