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Staying Engaged After a Momentous Weekend!    

We are all fired up and ready to go after this weekend’s incredible Women’s March on Washington and sister marches across the country. There are many ways to stay in touch and on top of advocacy opportunities both at the local and national level. Here are some suggestions for staying plugged in during this critical time. Our march hasn’t ended: we must take steps every day to stand up for a woman’s ability to receive the full spectrum of reproductive health care.

  1. Get to know your legislators! Subscribe to their electronic updates. You can subscribe through the websites of your Senators and Representative. This will keep you in the know about actions they’re taking, where they’re making public appearances, and ways to get involved in your state and district. In addition, visit your legislators when they’re at home in your state. Visit their local office to speak about issues that matter to you.
  1. Give your legislators a call. If you haven’t already added their numbers to your phone (we suggest it), you can call the Congressional Switchboard to be connected: (202) 224-3121. Let your lawmakers know your positions on pending bills, thank them for their votes, or express disagreement with their positions. Phone calls matter to lawmakers, and their staffs tally them to keep track of where constituents stand.
  1. Share your #VoicesOfCourage. Your story matters not only to us, but to the countless women who share your same struggles and triumphs on the path to accessing comprehensive reproductive health care. Submit your story here. Help us elevate why our new administration needs to increase accessibility to the full spectrum of care, not add additional restrictions.
  1. Are you a health care provider? Sign the I Will Provide: Pledge to Advocate. Add your name to the hundreds of other providers who vow to take a stand against the attacks on reproductive health care from the new administration. Encourage your colleagues to also sign!