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Help build our network by engaging doctors, friends, and family. Talk to them about Physicians’ work, about reproductive health issues, and especially about abortion: these conversations are a great way to normalize and destigmatize an essential part of reproductive health. A great conversation starter – and a project you can join – is our Voices of Courage video series.


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 | Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint

We need to you to help keep the pressure on the incoming administration for the next four years. There will be many opportunities for action, and we’ll need to be ready to come together when those opportunities arise. Read Dr. Willie Parker’s op-ed about the work ahead: “I know that most of us don’t see it now, but we have been presented with the biggest opportunity to build sustainable, unconquerable support for reproductive rights. Yes, we are being threatened, but now is our chance to fight.” We will get through this together!


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It’s clear that elections matter! We all need to show up and make our voices heard in the voting booth – and not just once every four years. Make sure your voter registration is up to date (and tell your friends and families to do the same) so that you can exercise your right to vote in your next local, state, or national election.