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Abortion Care Temporarily Restored in Indiana

This morning, an Indiana judge granted the ACLU’s request to block enforcement of the state’s total abortion ban, meaning abortion care can temporarily resume while the lawsuit continues in the courts.

Board Member of PRH and ob/gyn and abortion provider in Indiana Dr. Katie McHugh responds:

“Today is an enormous victory for my community in Indiana. Abortion is a personal, righteous medical decision that deserves to be made no matter who you are or where you live. Banning abortion is an attack on our individual right to make decisions about our bodies, our families, and our futures.

“The people of Indiana don’t want to ban abortion, we just unfortunately have policymakers at the helm who want to coerce and control our communities. Today’s decision makes it clear that we will not sit back and accept these attacks. We celebrate this temporary restoration of our rights and are grateful for the leadership of local organizers and clinics as we continue the work to ensure every Indianan can make decisions without the interference of politicians who know nothing about our lives.”