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Alabama Abortion Ban Blocked

In response to the near total abortion ban in Alabama being blocked from going into effect, Fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Sanithia Williams issued the following statement:

“As an ob/gyn who provides abortion care in Alabama and surrounding states, I am thankful a federal judge blocked the abortion ban. This ban has caused nothing but confusion and anxiety in my patients, and I’ve seen first hand the disastrous effects it would have for pregnant people and their families if it were ever to go into effect.

…every day I see how the ability to get abortion care can be essential for someone to thrive

“I went into medicine to help people empower themselves to create the lives and families of their choosing, and every day I see how the ability to get abortion care can be essential for someone to thrive, to be healthy, to care for the family they have.

“We need legislators here in Alabama and across the country to understand that abortion is a normal and necessary part of reproductive health care, and it must be an available option as someone considers their families, future, health, and values.”