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Biden Administration Ends Title X Gag Rule

Today, the Biden Administration released new rules effective November 8 restoring Title X family planning funding for clinics that provide counseling and referrals for comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care.

Board Member of Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Tracey Wilkinson of Indiana responds:

“Today, the Biden Administration sided with high quality health care. No matter where patients receive their health care, they should have information about the full spectrum of options available to them when they are pregnant, without political interference.

“The Title X family planning program ensures that no matter how much money you make, people have access to information that is timely, evidence-based, and accurate covering all options.

“The patient-provider relationship is one built in trust. Today’s decision allows health care providers to give their patients all of their available options and ensures they are not forced to withhold information their patients need.”