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Politicians Use Pandemic to Restrict Abortion Access

Anti-abortion politicians across the country are using the pandemic to restrict access to abortion care. In response, Board Chair Dr. Kristyn Brandi issued the following statement:

“As a provider of full spectrum reproductive health care, including abortion care, I know that abortion is essential health care that cannot be delayed.

Abortion is essential health care that cannot be delayed

“I became an obstetrician/gynecologist because I am passionate about partnering with patients over the course of their lifetimes as they make decisions about their bodies, their families, and their futures. These decisions do not stop during a pandemic, and we cannot stop providing our patients with all of the health care they need, including abortion care.

We cannot stop providing our patients with all of the health care they need.

“Physicians who provide abortion care across the country are doing what they always do, every day: prioritizing the safety of their patients, colleagues, and communities. We are making adjustments as we provide care to maintain social distancing, we are adjusting to providing health care via telemedicine where we are able, and we are utilizing the personal protective equipment necessary to ensure the safety of all involved.

“In the face of a public health crisis, it is our duty to continue meeting the needs of the patients we serve and fight against barriers to health care that unequally impact people of color, people with low incomes, LGBTQIA people, immigrants, young people, disabled people, and people in rural communities. I implore political leadership to join us in these efforts to protect access to health care, including abortion care, and not continue playing political games by including anti-abortion language in relief bills, excluding immigrants from access, and leaving out people with low incomes from protections. The health and wellbeing of your constituents depends on it.”