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Stop Attacking Dr. Bernard

Today, the Attorney General of Indiana, Todd Rokita, issued an attack on Physicians for Reproductive Health Fellow Dr. Caitlin Bernard.

President and CEO of PRH Dr. Jamila Perritt, ob/gyn and abortion provider in Washington, DC, responds:

“PRH condemns the recent action of Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita filing an administrative action against Dr. Caitlin Bernard with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. Abortion providers have faced harassment and violence for decades, and this threat to Dr. Bernard’s licensure is another attempt to harass her and dissuade all Indiana health care providers from providing safe and compassionate reproductive health care.

“The accusations put forth by the Office have been proven to be false. Dr. Bernard provided safe, essential, necessary, compassionate health care to a patient before her. She advocated for her patient’s needs expertly and held space for the care of a young person and their family navigating a complicated and legally fraught health care system. At PRH we firmly believe that advocating on behalf of a patient is a physician’s duty.

“It is appalling that the Attorney General Office would use their authority to continue engaging in baseless attacks against a health care provider. We urge the Indiana Attorney General Office to withdraw its complaint and stop intimidating health care providers.”