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This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a ban for abortion later in pregnancy that would affect all 50 states.

In response, Board Member of Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Kristyn Brandi issued the following statement:

“This hearing is a political stunt that has real consequences. Instead of listening to the expertise of medical organizations, health care providers, and the real-life situations of patients and families, anti-abortion politicians used this hearing to spread misinformation and stigma about abortion care. This is plain wrong.

This hearing is a political stunt that has real consequences.

“We should be talking about the harm of all abortion bans across the country and how they already push abortion care out of reach for many people. When abortion is pushed out of reach, the harm caused falls hardest on those struggling financially or who face barriers to health care, especially women of color, immigrants, young people, and LGBTQIA people. Patients should be able to focus on their health, beliefs, and values when considering their medical care, not concerned by unnecessary obstacles to safe health care.

“If politicians truly want to create a safe, just society, they should focus their time and attention on passing legislation that expands access to health care. They should be passing the EACH Woman Act, supporting Medicaid expansion, ensuring young people have comprehensive sex education, reducing the maternal mortality rate, instituting paid family leave, and eliminating discrimination against pregnant people.”