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Tools and Resources for Talking about Abortion Later in Pregnancy

In response to anti-abortion rhetoric and misinformed claims about abortion care dominating the media, we’ve gathered useful resources for providers, journalists, policymakers, and anyone who wants to have evidence-based conversations about abortion later in pregnancy. If you want to speak to an expert, please reach out to us at voice@prh.org.

“Physicians responds to Trump’s lies about abortion” Statement

Read our press statement from Board Member Dr. Kristyn Brandi in response to President Trump sharing lies about abortion, mothers, and physicians at a rally in Wisconsin.

“Physicians responds to misinformation over abortion bills in NY and VA” Statement

Read our press statement from former Board Chair Dr. Willie Parker in response to misinformation being spread about abortion later in pregnancy.




Twitter Thread for Journalists Writing About Abortion Later in Pregnancy

We shared seven things our providers wished journalists would know when covering the topic of abortion later in pregnancy. Want to know more? Contact us to connect with an expert.

Five Abortion Facts Media Should Know

We partnered with Media Matters for America on a fact sheet ahead of the State of the Union.








“Exploiting women’s health for political gain in Virginia” in The Washington Post 

Hear from member physicians Drs. Jessica DeMay, Allegra Deucher, and Emily Young – all practitioners in Virginia – on why the REPEAL Act aimed to remove onerous barriers for patients seeking abortion care later in pregnancy.

“I’m an abortion provider and it’s time to tell the truth about abortion later in pregnancy” in Jezebel 

Fellow Dr. Meera Shah, who writes about reproductive health issues in her “Call me in the morning” column on Jezebel, addresses evidence-based facts on abortion later in pregnancy.

“Before judging ‘late-term abortion,’ understand what it means, doctors say” on CNN

Our Fellow Dr. Jenn Conti spoke with CNN to explain the realities of abortion later in pregnancy, debunk myths, and uncover the stigma-filled underpinnings of the incorrect phrase “late-term abortion.”

“In the battle over abortion rights, words are weapons” in Glamour

Learn from our Fellow Dr. Jenn Conti as she shares the danger behind anti-abortion rhetoric, specifically when speaking about abortion later in pregnancy, in Glamour.

Vox covers vote on Sen. Sasse’s anti-abortion bill

Board Member Dr. Kristyn Brandi shares how vilifying bills like Sen. Sasse’s and the false narrative around abortion later in pregnancy puts the health and well being of abortion providers and patients at risk.

Later Abortion Statement from ACOG

A great resource on abortion later in pregnancy from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.