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News from the President of Physicians for Reproductive Health

All of us at Physicians for Reproductive Health are grateful for your commitment to our mission and our shared values of equity, access, and justice. We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, and we take all allegations seriously.

As a trusted member of our community, we wanted to share a statement with you from Jodi Magee, President/CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health:

“On March 26, Dr. Willie Parker resigned from his position as Chair and from the Board of Directors of Physicians for Reproductive Health. We thank him for his long commitment to our mission and for his leadership of our organization that has inspired many.

“This is a difficult moment for our organization and our movement, one that has led to division but also helped foster important conversations that we must have to better ourselves and our community. We are committed to furthering these open and transparent conversations, both within our organization and the broader reproductive health, rights, and justice movement. We know these are complex and difficult conversations because they involve sex, race, power, and gender dynamics. We are committed to creating safe spaces for these difficult conversations.”