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Physicians responds to Supreme Court’s stay on Louisiana’s TRAP laws

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of access to health care in Louisiana, blocking an admitting privileges law from going into effect and allowing clinics to continue to provide necessary care.

In response, Board Chair of Physicians for Reproductive Health, Dr. Willie Parker, issued the following statement:

“By ruling in support of Louisiana’s abortion providers and the women who need this care, the Court allowed, at least temporarily, abortion care to continue in Louisiana. Doctors know that laws like this do not make abortion safer. While I am grateful for this decision, we as abortion providers and advocates know full well that the fight is not over, and hope that the Court will ultimately strike down this unduly burdensome law.

“We will continue to advocate for barrier-free access to abortion care across the country. Abortion is health care and the ability to have timely care should not depend on a zip code.”