We are providers of compassionate reproductive health care. The people of our country trust us with their health, well-being, and reproductive futures. We serve as the bridge between our nation’s families and the fundamental care they need—whether it’s abortion, contraception, or preventive care.

Reproductive health care providers and patients are too often harmed in ways that providers and patients of other health care fields are not. Many of our incoming political leaders support policies that would curtail our ability to provide the full spectrum of comprehensive care for our patients. These measures will disproportionately target low-income women, women of color, young women, immigrant women, and non-cisgender persons—communities that already suffer from health disparities and inequalities.

Some of our elected leaders have employed hateful, dehumanizing rhetoric that undermines our credibility, seeks to challenge our humanity, and belies our training. Some citizens have used arson, murder, and other criminal acts targeting those of us who offer abortion care, and our patients. These acts threaten our well-being, and that of our patients and their families.

Despite these assaults, we vow to move forward. In light of the current political climate, we pledge to advocate for the following:

1. Respect for the patient-provider relationship. Patients and their providers, not politicians, should decide together what type of contraception to use and whether to continue or end a pregnancy. Those decisions should never be constrained or coerced by the government.

2. Care without discrimination. The ability to provide or obtain reproductive health care should not depend on a zip code, income, race, or source of insurance. Health care providers should be able to provide the care that is best for the patient’s health. Those clinical conversations and/or outcomes should not be dictated or influenced primarily by cost barriers.

3. To give and receive care free from harm. Performing a safe, legal medical procedure should not turn a medical professional or her/his patients into targets. Reproductive health care providers, and particularly abortion providers, their patients, their families, and their co-workers have the right to work free of violence, harassment, and discrimination.

4. Evidence-based care. Reproductive health care providers have the professional obligation to give patients complete, medically accurate care. They should not be required by law to lie to their patients—for example, by falsely stating that abortions cause breast cancer or mental health problems—or present a particular moral interpretation of abortion.

5. Care when our patients need it. A health care provider should be able to provide an abortion after explaining the procedure and obtaining the patient’s consent. There is no medical reason for a patient to wait 24 hours, 72 hours, or any other length of time between consent and the abortion procedure as dictated by some state laws, unless the patient decides to do so. In fact, the earlier in pregnancy the safer the procedure so imposing delays means imposing increased risk.

6. Care free from barriers. Those providing abortion care should be able to choose the treatment that is best for the individual patient. The law should not dictate courses of treatment that are not supported by medical evidence. Nor should the law require providers to add medically unnecessary steps to the abortion procedure, processes that cause delays and increase the risks for the patient.

7. Respect from our employers. A health care provider should always be able to provide or refer for the evidence-based treatment that is most appropriate for their patient. They should never have to fear retaliation from an employer for ensuring their patients have access to comprehensive, high-quality medical care.

8. Confidential services. Without confidentiality, many patients will forgo essential reproductive and sexual health services. Health care providers should be able to protect the confidentiality of their patients, including minors. The law should not require notification of parents or spouses before a patient can access medical services.

We pledge to advocate for these rights that all patients and providers deserve. Reproductive health care, including access to abortion and contraception, is basic health care that everyone deserves. We will be a clear and loud voice for the health and dignity of our colleagues, patients, and the future of reproductive health in this country.



Add your name to this list of providers standing up for reproductive health for all:

1. Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc
2. Anne Davis, MD, MPH
3. Diane Horvath-Cosper, MD, MPH
4. Douglas Laube, MD, MEd
5. Nancy Stanwood, MD, MPH
6. Marvin Buehner, MD
7. Shayne Sebold Taylor, MD
8. Nancy Auer, MD, FACEP
9. Timothy Spurrell, MD, MEd
10. Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD
11. Adam Jacobs, MD
12. Sara Levine, MD, MPH
13. Suzanne Poppema, MD
14. Pratima Gupta, MD, MPH
15. Jill Meadows, MD
16. Yashica Robinson, MD
17. Quentin Deming, MD
18. Patricia Glowa, MD
19. Nazanin Ahmadieh, DO/MPH candidate
20. Megan Evans, MD, MPH
21. Larry Leeman, MD
22. Richard Grossman, MD, MPH
23. Roger Rochat, MD
24. Daniela Diaz, MD
25. Angel Foster, DPhil, MD, AM
26. Frances Batzer, MD, MBE
27. Catherine McKegney, MD, MS
28. Laurence Dopkin, MD
29. Jason Rafferty, MD, MPH, EdM
30. Eve Espey, MD, MPH
31. Paul Fine, MD
32. Matthew Zerden, MD, MPH
33. Fredrik Broekhuizen, MD
34. David Turok, MD, MPH
35. Cassing Hammond, MD
36. Nada Stotland, MD, MPH
37. Ralph Riviello, MD, MS
38. Michelle Forcier, MD, MPH
39. Darcy Broughton, MD
40. Robert Johnson, MD
41. Scott Spear, MD, FAAP
42. Wendy Chavkin, MD, MPH
43. Susie Baldwin, MD, MPH
44. Sarp Aksel, MD
45. Alison Edelman, MD, MPH
46. Julia McDonald, DO, MPH
47. Meredith Pensak, MD
48. Masha Gervits, MD
49. Lydia Pecker, MD
50. Siri Fiebiger, MD, MPH
51. Celeste Royce, MD
52. Sarah Horvath, MD
53. Evelyn Twentyman, MD, MPH
54. Gabrielle Goodrick, MD
55. Rebecca Cohen, MD
56. Sarah Traxler, MD, MS
57. Shari Leipzig, MD
58. Wayne Goldner, MD
59. Hedwige Saint Louis, MD, MPH
60. Brenda Pereda, MD
61. Claudia Borzutzky, MD
62. Barbara Ogur, MD
63. Linda Prine, MD
64. Panna Lossy, MD
65. Carrie Frederick, MD, MPH
66. Rachel Perry, MD, MPH
67. Ruth Lesnewski, MD
68. Mark Rosing, MPH
69. Vicky Borgia, MD
70. Isabel Blumberg, MD
71. Angeline Ti, MD, MPH
72. Colleen McNicholas, DO, MSCI
73. Paul Gianutsos, MD, MPH
74. Jennifer Hsia, MD, MPH
75. Caitlin Gustafson, MD
76. Janet Jacobson, MD, MS
77. Katharine Sznajder, MD, MPH
78. Shayne Poulin, MD
79. Zevidah Vickery, MD, MSCI
80. Glenna Martin, MD
81. Erica Gibson, MD
82. Chris Creatura, MD
83. Meera Shah, MD, MS
84. Traci Kurtzer, MD
85. Diane Korsower, MD
86. Marjorie Greenfield, MD
87. Alyssa Colwill, MD
88. Taryn Baer-Shalev, MD
89. Katrina Heyrana, MD
90. Johana Oviedo, MD
91. Mardge Cohen, MD
92. Bhavik Kumar, MD, MPH
93. Kristyn Brandi, MD
94. Jess Zonana, MD
95. Jan Crean, MD, FACOG
96. Stephanie Long, MD
97. Cheng Tou, MD
98. Sabrina Holmquist, MD, MPH
99. Reni Soon, MD, MPH
100. Melaura Wittemyer, MD
101. EmmaKate Friedlander, MD
102. Joann Heck Kersh, MD
103. Wendy Edds, MD
104. Emily Schneider, MD, MS
105. Nicole Chaisson, MD, MPH
106. Naomi Smidt-Afek, MD
107. Rachel Kopicki, MD
108. Sloane York, MD, MPH
109. Daniel Pomerantz, MD
110. Kambria Beck Holder, MD
111. Audrey Toda, MD
112. Tenessa MacKenzie, MD
113. Jennifer Tang, MD, MPH
114. Lisa Perriera, MD, MPH
115. Kathleen Morrell, MD, MPH
116. Sydney Hendry, MD
117. Karen Kade, MD
118. Rachel Masch, MD
119. Michelle Orengo-McFarlane, MD
120. Emilia Cuneo, MD
121. Katherine Farris, MD
122. Stephen Sonnenberg, MD
123. Diljeet Singh, MD
124. Mika Godzich, MD
125. Arthur Fleisher, MD
126. Susan Robinson, MD
127. Connie Mitchell, MD, MPH
128. Benjamin Romney, MD
129. Swati Shah, MD
130. Jessica Brown
131. Anthony Mehle
132. Elizabeth Lassen
133. Tina D’Amato
134. Sarah Marshall
135. Karen Becker
136. Emily Fine
137. Mary Flynn
138. Adrienne Davis
139. Mark Ryan
140. Hayley Marcus
141. Jeffrey Waldman
142. Betsy Patterson, MD
143. Julie Stern, MD
144. Andrea Gordon
145. Emily Dow, MD
146. Krishna White, MD
147. Jean Abbott
148. Tyler Gray
149. Anna Lowell
150. Alexandra Carey
151. Esther Chung
152. William Dubiel, MD
153. Lisa Simons
154. Julie Thorne
155. Judith Johnson, MD
156. David English
157. Megan Essman
158. Sarah McNeil, MD
159. Janet Singer, CNM
160. LeighAnn Frattarelli, MD
161. Ellen Landsberge, MD
162. Joel Lebed, DO
163. Adam Colton, DO
164. Jerome Hoffman, MD
165. Sara Imershein, MD, MPH, FACOG
166. Robert Blake, MD
167. Lynette Leighton, MD, MS
168. Renee Novello, MD
169. Mithu Tharayil, MD
170. Ann Engelland, MD
171. Linda Barbour, MD
172. Lael Greenstein, MD
173. Ellie Doig, MSN, NP-C
174. Carolyn Sufrin, MD
175. Christopher Estes, MD
176. Caitlin Weber, MD
177. Margo Harrison, MD
178. Atsuko Koyama, MD
179. Martha Simmons, MD
180. Jacqueline Wallace, MD
181. Alison Block, MD
182. Lin-Fan Wang, MD
183. Maya Bass, MD
184. Taylor Charest
185. Alhambra Frarey, MD
186. Mindy Brittner, MD
187. Kathleen Nishida
188. Kristina McElhinney, DO
189. Ethan Ross, MD
190. Margaret Haviland, RN
191. Anne Kaufhold, MD
192. Sara Levin, MD
193. Liza Goldman Huertas, MD
194. Dalia Brahmi, MD
195. Meg Rosenberg, MD
196. Katherine Hladky, MD
197. Carolyn Westhoff, MD
198. Nicole Bender, MD, MSc
199. Alice Stek, MD
200. Carrie Pierce, MD
201. Noah Nattell, MD
202. Rachel Steward, MD, MSc
203. Diana Crabtree, MD
204. Rachelle Brilliant, DO
205. Allison Myers, MD, MPH
206. Courtney Schreiber, MD
207. Gabriella Reubins
208. Esthrann Grace, MD
209. Chava Kahn
210. Cris Malino, MD, MPH
211. Kwan Chun, MD
212. Shannon Connolly, MD
213. Weiyu Zhang, MPH
214. Sarah Morocco, MD
215. Annie Fu, MD
216. Michelle Davey, DO
217. Catharine Crockett, MD
218. Betsy Pfeffer, MD
219. Pam Adelstein, MD
220. Stephen Roland
221. James Becker, MD
222. Jessica Reid, MD
223. Stephania Hasan, MD, MPH
224. Mona Dalal, MD
225. Alexandra Golobof, MD, MPH
226. Amitasrigowri Murthy, MD, MPH
227. Audrey Lance, MD
228. Ashley Tedone, FNP-BC
229. Britt Lunde, MD
230. Jen Flament, MD
231. Jessica Atrio, MD MSc
232. Molly Findley, DO, MPH
233. Ana Cepin, MD
234. Mary Frank
235. Sarah Hutto, MD, MPH
236. Diana Carvajal, MD
237. Curtis Boyd, MD
Gillian Dean, MD, MPH
239. Sharon Gerber, MD
240. Melissa Figueroa, MD
241. Margaux Lazarin, DO, MPH
242. Claudia Roca
243. Stacy De-Lin, MD
244. Christine Jones, MD
245. Ariella Goldman, MD
246. Jessica Stanton, MD
247. Dea Sloan, MD
248. Emily M. Godfrey, MD, MPH
249. Page Pennell, MD
250. Paula Castano, MD, MPH
251. Shanthi Ramesh, MD
252. Ashley Brant, DO, MPH
253. Aaron Lazorwitz, MD
254. Siripanth Nippita, MD, MS
255. Katherine Pocius, MD, MPH
256. Lisa Haddad, MD, MS, MPH
257. Hui Min Cheong, MD
258. Melody Hou, MD, MPH
259. Holly Bullock, MD, MPH
260. Justin Diedrich, MD, MSCI, FACOG
261. Caitlin Parks, MD
262. Erin Berry-Bibee, MD,MPH
263. Jason Bell, MD, MPH, MS
264. Roopan Gill, MD
265. Jennifer Lesko, MD MPH
266. Jessica Fivecoat, MD
267. Sharon Achilles, MD, PhD
268. Bliss Kaneshiro, Associate Professor
269. Elizabeth Schmidt, MD, MSCI, FACOG, FACS
270. Karen Meckstroth, MD, MPH
271. Dominika Seidman, MD MAS
272. Allison Linton, MD, MP
273. Rachael Phelps, MD
274. Amy Kane, MD
275. Elizabeth Harrington, MD
276. Robin Wallace, MD, MAS
277. Kari Braaten, MD, MPH
278. Erica Hinz, MD
279. Andrea Jochim, MD, PhD
280. Shandhini Raidoo, MD
281. Agatha Berger, MD
282. Jennefer Russo, MD
283. Shannon Carr, MD, MSc
284. Jennifer Conti, MD, MS
285. Lauren Naliboff, DO
286. Lauren Owens, MD
287. Caryn Dutton Bean, MD, MS
288. Sarita Sonalkar, MD, MPH
289. Elizabeth Deans, MD, MPH
290. Jennifer Robinson, MD, MPH
291. Paula Bednarek, MD, MPH
292. Matthew Reeves, MD, MPH
293. Ben Brown, MD
294. Chioma Ndubisi, MD
295. Sarah Averbach, MD
296. Laura Laursen, MD
297. Justine Wu, MD, MPH
298. Megan Lawley
299. Lyndsey Benson, MD, MS
300. Jessica Morse, MD, MPH
301. Eleanor Drey, MD, EdM
302. Wan-Ju Wu, MD, MPH
303. Amy Kelley-Osdoba, MD, FACOG
304. Zoë Julian, MD, MPH
305. Mark Wilcox, MD
306. Claudia Diaz, MD, MPH
307. Andrea Knittel, MD, PhD
308. Natsai Nyakudarika, MD
309. Crystal Goldsmith, MD
310. Martha Tesfalul, MD
311. David A. Klein, MD
312. Wenjia Zhang, MD
313. Jessica Guh, MD
314. Kelly Culwell, MD MPH
315. Ghazaleh Moayedi, DO
316. Annette Pelaez, MD
317. Arianna Cassidy, MD
318. Sarah Isquick, MD
319. Melissa Kottke, MD, MPH, MBA
320. Kimberly Kilfoyle, MD
321. Gelareh Nikpour, MD
322. Jorge Alvarado, MD
323. Maisa Feghali, MD
324. Sarah Flaherty, MD
325. Jody Steinauer, MD, MAS
326. Leah Torres, MD, MS
327. Lisa Keder, MD
328. Diana Robles, MD
329. Megan Orlando, MD
330. Erica Manrriquez, MD
331. Jennifer Kerns, MD
332. LL Thorndike, DO
333. Sara Pentlicky, MD
334. Lonna Gordon, MD, PharmD
335. L. Massingill, MD
336. Anjani Kolahi, MD
337. Erika Levi, MD, MPH
338. Ying Zhang, MD
339. Erica Pettigrew, MD, JD, MPH
340. Angela Janis, MD
341. Natalie Hinchcliffe, DO
342. Julie Finger, MD, MPH
343. Michelle Sriwongtong, MD, MSc
344. Dana Kusnir, MD
345. Melissa Nass, MD
350. Jessica Rubino, MD
351. Yorgos Strangas, MD
352. Kristina Tocce, MD, MPH
353. Clark Johnson, MD MPH
354. Jennifer Pitotti, MD
355. Amaranta Craig, MD
356. Julie Chor, MD, MPH
357. Jasmine Lee, MD, MS
358. Jennifer Smith, DO
359. Yolanda Evans, MD
360. Biba Nijjar, MD, MPH
361. Zowie Barnes, MD
362. Andrea Angelucci, DO
363. Lauren MacAfee, MD
364. Nicole Fanarjian, MD, MSCR
365. Carrie Cwiak, MD, MPH
366. Adam Bonnington, MD
367. Anuj Khattar, MD
368. Kohar Der Simonian, MD
369. Jackie Lamme, MD
370. Eva Patil, MD, MPH
371. Jessica Young, MD
372. Melissa Chen, MD, MPH
373. Lucia McLendon, MD, MPH
374. Sheila Ramgopal, MD MA
375. Rupa Natarajan, MD
376. Lisa Bayer, MD, MPH
377. Karla Gonzalez, MD
378. Leslie Palacios-Helgeson, MD
379. Tabatha Wells, MD
380. Lynette Leighton, MD
381. Adam Levy, MD
382. Michele Wong, MD
383. Jillian LoPiano, MD
384. Ashish Premkumar, MD
385. Nicola Moore, MD, MPH
386. Kamilee Christenson, MD
387. Peggy Ye, MD, MPH
388. Colleen McNicholas, DO, MSCI
389. Wan-Ju Wu, MD, MPH
390. Darla Darby, DO
391. Tracey Wilkinson, MD, MPH
392. Claire Bolander, MD
393. Stephanie Sober, MD, MSHP
394. Lisa Gray, MD
395. Lauren Strelitz, MD
396. Karen Gibbins, MD
397. Tanya Ohly, MD, MSc
398. Sarah Nosal, MD
399. Rachna Vanjani, MD
400. Pamela Lotke, MD, MPH
401. Christy Boraas, MD, MPH
402. Lauren Thaxton, MD, MBA
403. Renee Mestad, MD
404. Ryann McChesney
405. Paul Blumenthal
406. Monica Dragoman, MD
407. Roxanne Jamshidi, MD, MPH
408. Merrie Warden, MD
409. Marshall Gillette, MD
410. David Eisenberg, MD, MPH
411. Hilary Rosenstein, MD
412. Ann Schutt-Aine, MD
413. Yulsi Fernandez Montero, MD, MPH
414. Elizabeth Nicole Teal, MD/MPH
415. Shivani Reddy, MD, MSc
416. Diana Wu, MD
417. Natasha Schimmoeller. MD, MPH, MA
418. Ambili Ramachandran, MD, MS
419. Susan Rubin, MD, MPH
420. Sharon Liner, MD
421. Jane Fogg, MD MPH
422. Judith Broder, MD
423. Sara Kate Levin, MD
424. Kaht Dorward, MD
425. Robert Israel, Professor, OB/GYN
426. Miriam Sheinbein, MD
427. Scott Nass, MD, MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
428. Betsy Patterson, MD
429. Judith Murphy, MD
430. Denise Tukenmez, MD
431. Kirsten Ware, DO
432. Margaret Chen, MD
433. Jessica Les, MD, MSc
434. William Leininger, MD
435. Ann Arvin, MD
436. Beth Robie, MD
437. Debbie Bamberger, NP
438. Maureen Meikle, MD
439. Anne Kaufhold, MD
440. Jennifer Johnson, MD
441. Steve Lichtenberg, MD
442. Bridget Spelke, MD
443. Robert Nachtigall, MD
444. Dana Ware, MD
445. Alexandria Ludlow, MSN, WHNP-BC
446. Elissa Serapio, MD
447. Alyssa Finn, MD
448. Gillian Schivone
449. Piyapa Praditpan
450. Anjali Mahoney, MD, MPH
451. Jake Donaldson, MD
452. Alex McDonald, MD
453. Marilyn Milkman, MD
454. Christina Marchion, MD
455. Loris Hwang, MD
456. Elaine Kang, MD
457. Erin Smith, MD
458. Kathy King, MD
459. Julie Livingston, MD
460. Amita Gupta
461. Antoinette Nguyen, MD, MPH
462. Jane Fogg, MD, MPH
463. Minako Watabe, MD
464. Kathleen Chung, MD
465. Holly Loudon, MD, MPH
466. Celeste Sheppard, MD
467. Allison Cowett, MD
468. Andrea Roe, MD, MPH
469. Marisa Nadas, MD
470. Janine Young, MD
471. Heather Nichols, MD, FAAP
472. Elizabeth Lassen, DO
473. Stephanie Goodman
474. Jamie Mattingly, CRNA
475. Allison Lee, MD
478. Marie-Louise Meng, MD
479. Richard Smiley, MD
480. Jody Davis-Mitrea, CRNA
481. Jaime Aaronson, MD
482. Antonio Gonzalez Fiol, MD
483. Thomas Pfeiffer, MD
484. Kurt Snay, CRNA
485. Jen Tung, RN
486. Minda Patt, MD
487. Aimee Kamat, MD
489. Luana Kyselka, MD
490. Farida Gadalla
491. Stephen Chasen, MD
492. Milica Markovic, MD
493. Jovana Lekovich, MD
494. Leanne Jacksom, MD
495. Corine Munnings, MD
496. Anjalee Dave, MD
497. Mary Claire Abbot, MD
498. Eduardo Morales, MD
499. Eve Yalom, MD
500. Victoria Danhakl, MD
501. Amy Wong, MD, MPH
502. Justine Wu, MD, MPH
503. Gail Shust, MD
504. Joel Rosen, MD
505. Alison Lynch-Miller, MD
506. Erica Heiman, MD
507. Michael Broder, MD
508. Kathryn Chenault, MD
509. Sheila Siegel, PA-C, MPAS
510. Melissa Rosenstein, MD, MAS
511. Audrey Pan, DO
512. Carol Del Ciello, MD
513. Dorothy Furgerson, MD
514. Denise Rayuszik, MD
515. Sean Trafficante, MD
516. Janet Lefkowitz, DO, FACOG
517. Sierra Washington, MD
518. Thomas Moran, MD
519. Tom Ewing, MD
520. Serina Floyd, MD, MSPH, FACOG
521. Claudia W. Richardson, MD, MPH
522. Che-Yu Gary Wang, MD
523. Sara Dawn O’Dell, DO
524. Curtis Oliveira
525. Gene Bishop, MD
526. Kimberly Gabriel, B.S.N, R.N.
527. Geena Sethi, MS4
528. Neil Allen, MD
529. Paula Shulman, MD, MPH, FACOG
530. Lawrence Yeager, MD
531. Peter Stuart, MD
532. Maeve Bowen, MD
533. Odile Leland-Arizmendi, MD
534. Caroline Kaufman, MD
535. Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, MPP
536. Kimberly Heller, MD
537. Anne Herlick, FNP
540. Samantha Fleischman, FNP
541. Cynthia Calixte, MD
542. Corinne Westing, CNM
543. Stacey Leigh Rubin, MD
544. Debra Gerson, MD
545. Sarah Horvath, MD
546. Laura Coorg, MD
547. Sindhu Srinivas, MD
548. Anna Graseck, MD
549. Suneeta Senapati, MD
550. Anne Flynn, MD
551. Kirstin Leitner, MD
552. Jessica Traylor, MD
553. Sarah Gutman, MD
554. Steven Sondheimer, MD
555. Uduak Andy, MD
556. Debra Gerson, MD
557. Steven Goldstein, MD, FACOG
558. Abigail Winkel, MD
559. Jessica Brown, MD
560. Daniel Lugassy, MD