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Fact Sheets

Our Fact Sheets are concise, easy-to-reference documents with essential insights on sexual and reproductive health, designed for public awareness and education, providing an evidence-based understanding of key issues.

Messaging Best Practices

These are guiding principles for advocates, policymakers, and communicators to strategically shape narratives, ensuring effective communication and support for abortion and other complex reproductive health concerns.


These Toolkits are a versatile set of resources tailored for health care providers, advocates, and organizations interested in taking informed advocacy actions about access to abortions, comprehensive reproductive health care, fostering empowerment, and informed decision-making.

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Custom Trainings

PRH Custom Trainings are customized educational materials and sessions designed to address the unique needs of health care professionals and community leaders, by enhancing their expertise in delivering comprehensive abortion and reproductive health services.

Amicus Briefs

PRH amicus briefs are designed for reproductive rights litigation, offering a wealth of knowledge and perspectives from experts, advocates, and individuals affected by reproductive legislation. They provide courts with deep insights into the nuances of reproductive health care, the importance of access to abortions, and the broader implications for personal autonomy.

Congressional Testimonies

Our congressional testimonies offer insights and expertise to U.S. Congress committees from various voices, including healthcare professionals, advocates, and individuals affected by reproductive health policies. These testimonies aim to inform legislation and policy decisions, ensuring they support and protect access to reproductive healthcare and individual rights.

Sign-on Letters

One of the ways we advocate for reproductive health care is by adding our name to sign-on letters, whether we write them ourselves or team up with our partners. These letters are sent to legislators to inform them about critical reproductive health and justice issues and to advocate for decisions that enhance the welfare of people seeking care. Explore this growing list of issues we support:

Opposition to Florida H.B. 7/S.B. 300
April 14, 2023. We express strong opposition to Florida’s H.B. 7/S.B. 300, criticizing the bills for attempting to restrict abortion care at six weeks gestation and for mandating survivors of rape and incest to provide proof of abuse

Support for the Safety and Access to Mifepristone and Misoprostol
April 12, 2023. In this letter to President Biden we express our urgent concern over access to mifepristone and misoprostol, vital medications used in medication abortion.

Opposition to Louisiana House Bill 578 on Medication Abortion
June 10, 2021. This letter to Governor John Bel Edwards strongly opposes Louisiana House Bill 578, which mandates that providers give patients medically inaccurate information about medication abortion “reversal.” We argue that this requirement is not scientifically supported and emphasize the importance of preserving the integrity of the patient-provider relationship.

Opposition to Georgia’s Voter Suppression Law S.B. 202
May 18, 2021. This letter expresses strong opposition to Georgia’s S.B. 202, labeling it as a voter suppression law. We emphasize that voter suppression is a public health issue, as it affects the ability of individuals to influence their environment and access health care.

Opposition to North Carolina H.B. 510/S.B. 405
May 17, 2021. We express strong opposition to H.B. 510/S.B. 405 in this letter, emphasizing that the bill interferes with evidence-based patient care and inserts politics into the patient-provider relationship.

Support for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – West Virginia
April 13, 2021. A letter to Senator Shelley Moore Capito advocating for her support as a primary sponsor or cosponsor of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Support for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – Ohio
April 7, 2021. A letter urging Senator Rob Portman to support or co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Support for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – Maine
April 7, 2021. A letter advocating for Senator Susan Collins to support or cosponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Support for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – Utah
March 25, 2021. A letter urging Senator Mitt Romney to support or co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Explore key issues in reproductive rights.


It's crucial to women’s well-being and their children’s health.

Access to Care

Everyone deserves to live their healthiest lives.


Abortion access strengthens our families and communities.

Gender Affirming Care

Safe, essential, life-saving health care.

Maternal Health

Everyone should have access to essential pregnancy care.


Criminalizing people for seeking abortion is antithetical to public health.