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Abortion Access Protected in OH and VA

Yesterday, voters around the country took to the polls to vote on ballot initiatives and elect local and state officials.

Dr. Jamila Perritt, President & CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, responds:

“Yesterday, in what was for some voters the first election since the Dobbs decision, voters in Ohio and Virginia cast their votes to say loud and clear that politicians have no place in the health care decisions people make over the course of their lifetimes.

…abortion is health care that voters are determined to protect…

“In Ohio, we were elated to see yet another data point supporting what we know to be true: abortion is health care that voters are determined to protect no matter the lengths that legislators and courts go to take it away. This was an important first step on a long journey towards working to create an Ohio where people can get the abortion care they need no matter who they are or at what point in pregnancy they need that care. We look forward to working in solidarity with organizers to continue pushing back against all dangerous and medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion care in the state.

“In Virginia, we saw yet again that voters are passionate about having elected officials that reflect their values of autonomy and safety. In a state that has been such a critical point of access for patients in need of abortion care across the South, this was an important step to protect the community from the threat of egregious bans on abortion being passed by the state legislature.

Voting and elections are deeply tied to our public health…

“PRH will continue to provide the community and resources to physicians across the country showing up every day for their communities, no matter the health care they need. Voting and elections are deeply tied to our public health, and attacks on voting rights are intrinsically tied to attacks on our bodily autonomy. PRH is committed to working towards a world where people are free to exercise their right to vote and their right to getting the health care they need in their community, without delay or obstruction.”