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Amy Coney Barrett is Supreme Court Nominee

Today, the President announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement on the Supreme Court of the United States.

President and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Jamila Perritt responded with the following statement:

“Only eight days after the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the President rushed to announce the nominee for her replacement on the Supreme Court. The lifetime appointment of nominee Amy Coney Barrett would be disastrous for our collective health and wellbeing and for the health and wellbeing of the patients I care for. Barrett has made it abundantly clear she has no concern for our fundamental rights. From access to health care including abortion and contraception, to religious freedom, immigration, voting rights, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights – our ability to make decisions about bodies and our lives is at risk. The situation is dire and our very humanity is at stake.

The situation is dire and our very humanity is at stake.

“Instead of rushing through this confirmation process, Senators should focus on completing the task they thus far failed to accomplish: caring for constituents during a global pandemic. We need urgent action taken addressing the widespread suffering experienced by communities across our nation. In the wake of losing 200,000 lives to COVID-19, we need Senators to pass unemployment assistance, provide support for food insecurity, and ensure eviction relief. 

“We call on Senators to focus on providing these resources and support for all of us as we continue to struggle to survive this global pandemic instead of hastily rushing through a hearing and confirmation process. If there is any desire to honor the life and legacy of Justice Ginsburg, Senators would listen to her dying wish that a new justice not be confirmed until after the election. It is the least they could do.”