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Doctors React to Supreme Court Accepting Challenge to Contraceptive Coverage

Concerned that ruling in favor of plaintiffs could deal devastating blow to women’s access to contraception

New York, NY— Today the Supreme Court of the United States announced that it would grant all seven of the challenges to the Affordable Care Act, in which plaintiffs are seeking an exemption from covering contraception for employees as mandated.

In response, Physicians for Reproductive Health board chair Nancy L. Stanwood, MD, MPH said:

“The Affordable Care Act did the right thing for public health and women’s health by ensuring that everyone who needs birth control can get the method that is right for them, without co-pays. If the plaintiffs succeed in their case, countless people will lose this benefit and face costly barriers to accessing affordable contraception. Birth control is a critical component of preventive care.

“And affordability is key to ensuring that people are able to use it and have control over their reproductive lives. We know that when co-pays are removed, women are able to choose a method based on their medical needs, and not on cost alone. Removing co-pays for all methods assures that patients can choose whatever method they need, including long-acting reversible methods, such as the IUD or the implant, that are highly effective but often come with high upfront costs.

“The plaintiffs are seeking to privilege their religious beliefs over the beliefs and health of others. In a modern democracy, this is simply unacceptable. One person’s beliefs should not dictate the health care that another receives. We hope the court uses good sense and finds in favor of good health and good medicine for all.”  


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