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FDA Affirms Mifepristone is Safe and Should Be Accessible

Today the FDA updated its guidance on mifepristone to no longer require in-person dispensing.

President and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Jamila Perritt, an ob/gyn in Washington, DC responds:

“Today, the FDA did the job it is designed to do. It made a decision that is rooted in medical evidence and science, not politics and ideology. As a result, mifepristone can officially now be accessed without the burdensome and medically unnecessary in-person dispensing requirements. At a time when bodily autonomy and abortion access are under continuous, multi-directional attack from anti-abortion policymakers, judges, and extremists, it is of upmost importance that we continue to follow the science. Decades of medical research and clinical experience has shown us that mifepristone is safe and it is effective. 

Today, the FDA did the job it is designed to do.

“While we thank the FDA for their work, following the medical evidence and permanently lifting the unnecessary in-person dispensing requirement for mifepristone, we know that we still have a long way to go before access to abortion care is equitable for every person who needs it. The impacts of bans and limitations on abortion continue to fall most heavily on those who are already experiencing marginalization from our medical systems. Today’s decision will help alleviate some of these barriers, but many still remain.

“As physicians and providers of comprehensive reproductive health care for our communities, we work to build a world where abortion care is no longer singled out, shrouded in shame and stigma, or subject to unnecessary restrictions. We seek a world where access to abortion care is safe, equitable and accessible, including access in pharmacies. This is the future we seek.”