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Oklahoma Total Abortion Ban Passed

Today, Oklahoma legislature passed a total abortion ban with a vigilante clause. It’s heading to the Governor’s desk where upon signage, it will go into immediate effect.

Dr. Iman Alsaden, Fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health and medical director of Planned Parenthood Great Plains:

“As a provider of comprehensive reproductive health care in Oklahoma and Kansas, I am appalled by the actions of Oklahoma legislators today and over the course of the last many months. This legislative session is anti-science and racist.

“Abortion is normal, safe, essential health care. People should be able to access abortion care in their communities without delay. Today’s actions make it clear that anti-abortion legislators are not interested in keeping us safe or healthy. They are interested in surveilling and criminalizing our communities. This is not theoretical. This is happening, today.

“We know that the state of Oklahoma is keen on punishing and criminalizing people for their pregnancy outcomes, specifically people from communities who are always under the white supremacist scrutiny of the state: Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

“Today I’m thinking about Brittany Poolaw and the unjust actions of the Oklahoma police and government, intentionally targeting an Indigenous woman who experienced pregnancy loss.

“Today I’m thinking about all of the Oklahomans I’ve provided abortion care for over the last many months. I’m thinking about how they were making decisions with their communities, families, and futures in mind. I’m thinking about everyone like them who will now be forced to either leave their community or have a forced pregnancy and forced birth. This is not freedom.

“I’m appalled that even with the news that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe, Oklahoma stops at nothing to control and coerce people capable of pregnancy in the state.”