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Response to Midterm Elections

Today, Dr. Jamila Perritt, ob/gyn in Washington DC and President & CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, reacts to what we know so far about the results form the Midterms. This statement will be updated once the House and Senate races are called.

Dr. Perritt reflects:

“We wake up today after receiving a clear message from voters: abortion access is critical to the future of our communities. Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Vermont, and California all voted to protect access to abortion with their ballot initiatives. We remain in solidarity with patients, families, and providers of abortion care in these states.  We have always known that abortion is basic, essential health care.  People deserve to be able to obtain this care in their own community without delay, shame, or stigma. 

“As we celebrate those wins, we are also grieving for communities where hateful, dangerous Governors and politicians held firm. Especially after attacks on immigrants, trans and non-binary people, after loss of life from gun violence, and after restrictions on bodily autonomy, our hearts are broken to watch states like Texas and Florida remain under anti-abortion extremist leadership.

“The approximately 500 physician advocates that make up PRH’s community of Fellows are waking up today, no matter the results or outcomes from these Midterm elections, and are going to work to provide compassionate, evidence based health care to their communities. We are all proud of the work we do, and will not stop in the face of hatred or fascism. No matter the attacks to our democracy and our human rights, we will show up and care for people with dignity and respect.”