Story No. 394: Dr. Jessica from Maryland

This week, we had a patient with a fatal genetic anomaly come to us for an abortion. She was incredibly sad over her decision, but she was sure that this was what she needed to do. She was at the visit with her supportive husband. She was Catholic, and she requested a cremation and to meet with our chaplain.

Thanks to the supportive environment in our hospital, we were able to provide her procedure safely, and we were able to facilitate the cremation. Additionally, the Catholic priest came to bless the remains and gave our patient a rosary. The patient was so appreciative of this care and how sensitive we were to her and her family’s needs. She asked to see me before she left the recovery area, and she gave me a long hug. This interaction made my day. I felt appreciated for my skills and felt like I made a emotional time in this patient’s life less terrible.