Story No. 440: Dr. Azmina from New York

The Affordable Care Act makes it possible for everyone to focus on what is important to them in their lives, instead of worrying about paying for essential health care.

I have taken care of numerous women who have come into the office to discuss their health and their lives, who were able to make decisions that allowed them to take care of themselves and their families. For example, a young woman in her 20s, I’ll call her Sara, came to me to discuss how she was going to be healthier this year. She had a weight management plan and was going to eat healthier and exercise, all while going back to school and working. She was focused on her goals, and she did not desire pregnancy at that time in her life. We easily talked through her options for birth control, and she chose the patch and was easily able to start using it immediately.

Health care in every form, including reproductive health care, is vital in helping men and women stay healthy and carry on with their lives.