Story No. 445: Morgan from New York

I started dating my fiancé two years ago. A couple of months in, we had a condom break. We immediately went to the pharmacy for Plan B. I hated forking over $50 for something that wasn’t our fault, but I was super grateful the option existed. There is a 1 in 7 failure rate though, so a few weeks later, I paid another $20 for a pregnancy test. I just remember thinking that, for a lot of women, that $70 might mean that they would have to skip meals or electricity bills or asthma medication.

About a month after the original condom break, I got an IUD. My insurance paid for all of it—another “privilege” of being middle class that should be a right for all. I had the money and position to take care of my health and control what my life looks like.

We’re getting married in a few months. We’re probably going to have children in a few years. We will make our family at our time. That should be true for every woman—not just the ones privileged enough to be able to pay for control over their bodies.