Story No. 454: Dr. Ryan from Louisiana

Joseph (name changed) was a senior baseball player and had missed his pre-season sports physical. The coach noted that his old one was expired after the season had started. He needed a physical fast, and the group physicals done by the team trainer were done. He was told to go to the school clinic.

What he got was more than a 10-minute sports physical. They took blood, got permission to do tests and swab his mouth. Then the nurse called him back into the lab. His HIV test was positive. He remarked that they tested him for all STDs during a recent visit to the hospital for pain he had while urinating, but not HIV. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know what to tell his girlfriend. The social worker came in, a local HIV clinical support team was contacted, more tests were ordered and referrals made.

Regular appointments were scheduled to check in and keep Joseph engaged and healthy.