Story No 531: Dr. Wing Kay from California

Working at an academic campus, I am able to provide reproductive health care for women of all ages, including undergraduate college women. However, despite being biking distance away from the clinic where I work, students often first need to go through their student health center before they can be referred to my clinic. Unfortunately, the student health center does not provide abortion services. We have worked very hard to expedite this referral process because we understand how time-sensitive some services can be. This especially applies to medication abortions because of the 10-week limit. In my experience, I have both witnessed the joys of being able to offer medication abortions to college women who were able to seek the service in a timely manner, as well as the unfortunate scenarios when they receive care too late to have this option. If all college students were able to access medication abortions on campus, this would have such a positive impact on their lives and allow them to focus on their school work.