Story No. 538: Patient from Alabama

Immediately after finishing graduate school and receiving my PhD, I was working multiple jobs, none of which offered employee health insurance. The Affordable Care Act had passed but wasn’t implemented yet, and I was unable to obtain decent health care coverage. I had purchased a catastrophe health insurance plan, but I had a lot of anxiety about my lack of sufficient coverage and my relatively low income.

I was so worried about how much doctors’ visits might cost that I never sought out any medical care, even when I was sick and when I sustained an injury that should have been medically treated. During the year when I had insufficient health insurance, the only medical services I did seek out and received were those of Planned Parenthood. I knew that the health care I would receive from Planned Parenthood would be affordable. Fortunately, the health care I received was only preventive, although I have dear friends whose visits to Planned Parenthood revealed that they also needed treatment for cervical cancer and for an ectopic pregnancy. I was able to use Planned Parenthood’s services when I needed them, like some many other women, including those in much more crucial need, and I remain very grateful.