Story No. 556: Dr. Wing Kay from California

I saw a patient yesterday who was seeking an abortion at Planned Parenthood. She had an early pregnancy, just six weeks along, and she came with her partner who was also the father of the three children she had at home.

We talked about her plans this summer with her kids. She told me about how her five- and seven-year-olds were looking forward to going to the waterpark. She also shared that her youngest was turning three years old in August and how she wanted to host a birthday party for her with her extended family.

As she talked about these plans with her kids, it was obvious how much she loved them. Though I already understood, at the end, she told me there was just no way she and her husband could possibly think about doing any of the activities she had so excitedly described if they had to worry about continuing this pregnancy and raising another child.

Ultimately, she had a very safe abortion and also received a copper IUD. It makes me happy to think about all the plans she can actually enjoy with her three kids this summer.