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How to Show Your Support on Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

It’s that time of year again. SPRINGTIME! As the flowers begin to bloom, it is the perfect time to give abortion providers their flowers by letting them know how much we appreciate them and the work they do! Join us in celebrating the tireless efforts of abortion providers who work endlessly to make sure people have access to compassionate abortion care.

This year’s Abortion Provider Appreciation Day falls on Sunday, March 10, so we are celebrating all week long from March 6th to 12th, and there are so many ways you can engage in the festivities!

Physicians for Reproductive Health is honored to be in community with abortion providers of the past, present, and future. We know that physicians providing abortion care are not the only abortion providers out there. From clinic staff to nurses, from doulas to abortion fund workers, so many people are critical to making abortion care possible. We are taking this time to celebrate everyone who we know is essential to showing up for patients who need abortions every day.


Show your favorite abortion provider some love!

Express gratitude for your favorite abortion providers on social media! Use the following templates to spread the word about why you love abortion providers and the care they provide to our community!

Heart Cutout – Print out and write in why you love abortion providers. Share your card with abortion providers in your community by hand or by mail!

Fill in the Blank Instagram Story Post – Use this template to share on your Instagram stories why you love abortion providers.

Sharing on social media? Be sure to tag @prhdocs and mention #CelebrateAbortionProviders


Write a digital love letter to your favorite abortion provider!

Let abortion providers know that they have your support, care, and kudos by leaving them a message on the amazing Kudoboard set up by our partners Abortion Care Network!


Abortion Provider Appreciation Tweetstorm at 1 PM EST!

Join us alongside the Abortion Care Network as we flood Twitter (or X 🙄) with love and appreciation using the hashtag #CelebrateAbortionProviders!

Need graphics? Sample tweets? We got you!

You can find everything you need at Abortion Care Network’s Abortion Provider Appreciation Day site.

Since 1996 we have celebrated the passion, dedication, and resilience of our abortion providers. We celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day in remembrance of the life and legacy of Dr. David Gunn, and every abortion provider we’ve lost to extremist violence. Remember that our celebration of abortion providers extends far beyond our social media presence. It is up to us as a community to care for abortion providers in the same way they care for community members.

Looking for more ways to support providers?

Check out this amazing menu of ideas from Abortion Care Network with ways that you can show your love with actions, words, and care.